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About Me

So where do I begin to tell you about me? Once upon a time there was a little girl with curly hair and glasses and try as she may she really never fit in.

That was how life started for me. When I graduated from high school that’s when things gradually began to change. Make no mistake about it change was not an overnight thing and it still continues to this day.

Wanting to Know Why

I’ve always wanted to know "why" am I here what is the purpose of my being on this earth in this body. It was the 70s with the big "new age" movement going on. I found resources that helped answer those questions, at least for me the philosophy made sense. Authors like Shakti Gawain, Louise Hay, and Terry Cole-Whittaker to name a few were writing books based on the new age thinking that body, mind, and spirit are connected. Most of these "new age" self-help authors are to this day still as popular as ever.


Then there came a period of time when I just let it all go for a number of years and floundered around in a job I hated. Come to find out later it really wasn’t the job as much as it was about me needing to move on and find my passion.

Back on the Path

Well, I still had all those books so I gradually started back on the path to self realization and much more positive self talk. I confirmed to myself that this was my passion, to know myself and honor who I am. I was gradually buiding self esteem and renewing my passion. I am, we all are, a spiritual being inside a physical body on this earth to learn and grow.

I have always wanted to write and share my artwork with the world. Yes, I am an artist too, and I have to say truthfully if it wasn’t for all the books I’ve read, in my quest for self improvement, the art you see on my website would never have come to light. Meditation is also a great catalyst for creativity. I put my wishes out into the Universe, and you know what they say “when the student is ready the teacher will come.”

The Teacher Arrives

My teacher arrived through the internet. I saw that everyone was building websites, so I decided I would give it a try. I was struggling with it, so I began contacting websites and asking for advice hoping they would be willing to share their insight with me. A lot of my requests went unanswered. Then low and behold someone did answer me and she was willing to share her knowledge and advice.

She became a mentor to me and she patiently answered all my questions and taught me how to build a proper webpage, how to arrange the content, everything I needed to know.

Realizing My Dream

After a month or so of corresponding she suggested I check out the website service she was using to build her site called “Site Build It” (SBI for short). She had nothing but positive words of praise for all the resources and tools that were available through this service.

So here I am writing and sharing my knowledge to help others. I never would have dreamed my passion would be realized through building a website and having fun doing it. I even get to share my artwork.

If you look at the bottom of all my web pages you will see the words “Powered by Site Build It.” I am now a very happy member of SBI. So to make a long story short my dream of writing and sharing my artwork has come true.

I have come a long way from that very shy little curly haired girl, that didn’t fit in anywhere. I still have a long way to go in learning about myself, but building this site has renewed what I’ve learned over the years and given me a fresh new perspective on my life.

I too have nothing but positive words of praise for SBI and its top notch tools and resources.

My Advice

My advice to anyone that has knowledge to share and is interested in building a website, but doesn’t know where to start, SBI is most definitely the way to go. The philosophy and community of SBI is special and empowering. The SBI approach to site building is perfect for anyone whether you know your way around website building or not.

So make your dreams come true, get out there and share your passion and renew your life. Find out more about SBI it’s just a click away. Click here.


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