Age of Enlightenment

What is your contribution?

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The age of enlightenment is here to show you that true happiness is not found outside of yourself but within. Recognizing and knowing you are more than just a physical being going through everyday experiences. There is a source within you an awareness that once awakened will help you see yourself in an enlightened way. Did you know that every step you take toward your own enlightenment is your contribution toward the highest good of all?

The best way to change the world is to change yourself, become what you want to see in others. Remember, the law of attraction, if you become what you want you will influence its attraction back to you as well. The best way to change yourself is through present moment awareness.

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Your contribution to this age of enlightenment is through your willingness to focus your awareness in the present moment. In your awareness of the present moment you can more easily connect to your inner being and begin to know your true self. In that, you also contribute to the flowering enlightenment of this planet, since we all come from one Divine Source. All we ever really have is the present so your awareness of it and being truly present stops useless mind chatter. This is where your inner source is found in the silence between thoughts.

As your awareness shifts you begin to see your connection to your inner being, to others and to this earth. The age of enlightenment is a growing awareness that there is no time but the present. You contribute to enlightenment whenever you focus your awareness in the present moment and see things through the eyes of that awareness, without thought of past or future events, just being here and being now.

Become aware of the feelings that come from the sights and sounds of each present moment. Each moment turns to the next, follow each moment all the while noticing the feelings that arise. Being truly present will make your living experience a living joy and so much more alive. You move out of your mind chatter and into the experience of fully living. The resulting energy you project out into the world has a role in changing it in a positive way.

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You are always thinking of the past and worrying about the future. There is always an agenda with your thoughts; if I do this I will get that or I’ll achieve that. Enlightenment can only be found now in the present moment for that is all you ever really have. Let go of past and future thinking by becoming aware and when those thoughts come up gently bring yourself back to the present.

Every step you take toward your own enlightenment is a step toward the world’s enlightenment. Remember you cannot change others but you and you alone have the power to change yourself. So open to this new age and reach into your self to discover the enlightened being within and live your best life now.

Note: The best teachings I can recommend on how being in the present moment can change your life are found in the writings of Echhart Tolle.

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