And Nature Smiled

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I went for a walk one day on a beautiful nature path to clear my mind and appreciate all the beauty around me, and nature smiled.

I say this because I found myself smiling. You know when you are walking down a busy street or in a crowded shopping mall and you make eye contact with someone that gives you a polite smile and then you automatically smile back in return, that’s what happened.

Have you ever been in a worried frame of mind and decided to get away and take a walk through a park or nature trail? Once you got there did you feel a bit of the worry and stress lift away? Maybe you felt a sense of peace and calm. You were feeling nature’s warm embrace. You were picking up the peaceful energy of the plant life all around you. Even though they cannot utter a sound (except for the gentle rustling of the wind through the leaves) they speak volumes to our body, mind, and spirit.

So as I was enjoying the pleasant surroundings of my nature walk I smiled and nature smiled back.

Healing Powers of Nature
Your feelings are the one tool you have that will put you in touch with nature and its healing powers. The feelings that are generated as a result of spending time in a quiet serene garden are healing. It’s like a soothing warm blanket when your body is tired from a busy day’s events.

The healing energies of nature can calm your body, mind, and spirit. There are many aspects of nature that contribute to your well being. Some of which you may be naturally drawn to, find what resonates with you. All of nature is here for you to discover its healing smile, from the mountains, fields, oceans, and streams, nature holds and shares its healing energy with you. Keep nature in your heart and mind with respect, and caring and it will give back to you all that you need to live a happy healthy life.

In Nature There is More Beyond What Meets the Eye
So what is sending all this wonderful healing energy? Within the beauty and spender of the flowers, trees, and majestic waterfalls of this earth are subtle energies known by many names. They are rarely seen but can be sensed through your feelings and intuition. They’ve been called; fairies, nature spirits, sprites, and in the ancient Sanskrit term Devas, which means “the shining ones.”

I have named a few here and what they represent:

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Earth Element
Mountain Devas

Element Water

Element Air
Elves or Sylphs
Storm Devas

Element Fire
Salamanders, or Fire Spirits

So remember, as you enjoy the beauty of nature and appreciate its healing energies, to smile and you can say spirit and nature smiled for you and all of humankind that day.

We are all one with nature and its spirit. To help you better understand your connect with nature spirits I have listed some good reading materials in the resources below.

May you find nature smiling wherever you go!

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The Deva Handbook: How to Work with Nature’s Subtle Energies by Nathaniel Altman

Elementally Speaking: The Nature Spirits' Guide to their World by Cheri Barstow

Nature Spirits and Elemental Beings by Marko Pogacnik

The Real World of Fairies by Dora Van Gelder

The Secret Life of Nature: Living in Harmony With the Hidden World of Nature Spirits from Fairies to Quarks by Peter Tompkins

Other Books About Nature Energies and Spirit

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