Attaining Personal Power

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Discover how attaining personal power can transform your life. There’s no need to look outside yourself the power is within you. Perhaps you’ve been thinking how can I improve my living situation: get more money, a better home, a loving spouse?

In your thinking lies the key to attaining personal power. How are your thoughts directed? What are you thinking about? Do your thoughts tend to dwell on the negative? Do you always think about not having what you want? Discover the power of your thoughts.

Take notice of your thoughts from this day forward and begin to discover the power within. It is said that “thoughts are things,” remember that the next time you think I don’t have enough money to buy that or I can’t do that, for whatever reason you may have.

Thoughts are Energy
Your thoughts are energy. Your thoughts of lack and inability are being projected out into the universe. Since “like attracts like,” all you are attracting to yourself is more lack and more inability. Attaining personal power is all about using your thought energy in a positive way.

Have you ever noticed that the unpleasant situation in your life, that you dwell on, just seems to get bigger and bigger? That’s because all your thought energy is focused on it, you are giving it life.

Your thoughts are feeding that unpleasant situation and giving it power. You are pushing away all the good things you want and deserve and pulling toward you what you do not want by focusing your thoughts on it. Stop attracting what you don’t want, start attracting the good things you deserve.

Take Back Your Power

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Take back the power of your thoughts and direct them toward what you do want to see and experience in your life. Stop wasting your energy on the negatives in your life and start energizing the positives. Attaining personal power is all about redirecting your thoughts toward what you want, in a positive way.

You will soon see the truth in the saying: “The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.” Do you think a rich person worries about not having enough money to pay the bills? No, that person is thinking about how much money she/he has and how to make more, while the poor person is probably thinking about not having enough money to pay the bills. The rich person and the poor person are both attracting what they put their thought energy into.

I bet you're thinking “Well that’s easy for the rich person, since they already have more than enough.” Remember the saying “money can’t buy happiness,” it is so true. It doesn’t cost a cent to change your thoughts and you will reap great benefits from the process.

Learn to turn an unpleasant thought into your vision of what you would truly love to see in your life. Think positive, think and know you can be and do anything you want. If you want to be well think of wellness. Think of how good you feel when you are well. Think of good days and more to come.

One Day at a Time
Now remember “Rome wasn’t built in a day” just take one day at time. Begin by just becoming aware of how you are thinking about your life and about situations in it. As you begin little by little you will see changes, you will feel the power you have within to change your life.

Attaining personal power is a gradual process. Like a seed that has been planted, it needs care and time to grow.

Get Inspired!
A really wonderful way to get things turned around is to read. Read books about what you want in your life. Read inspiring stories of people that have succeeded against all odds. There is so much at your fingertips that can inspire and enlighten you to the powers you hold within yourself. Discover the joy in attaining personal power and in the process change your life!

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