Benefits of Journaling

The benefits of journaling are many. I will outline some of them here.

One of the biggest benefits is finding your own voice. This is a very personal experience that has no limits or boundaries. You control every word and the way you record them.

I have found it to be a great reference tool in building this site and I am very happy to be sharing my insights with you.

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The Benefits
Here are some of the benefits of journaling:

    Personal growth -- Helps you better understand life experiences. Helps you take a bird's eye view of how you handle these experiences. Journal writing gives you the tools to freely express yourself without judgment. You can explore all aspects of your life like spirituality, relationships, and career, to name just a few.

    Reduce stress -- Writing about the stressful events of the day can help you let go of the stress they caused. Getting it down on paper and out of your head is a great stress reliever. You can say anything you want and not be worried what others will think. It's a great tool for letting go!

    Problem solving -- Writing down all the pros and cons of a problem you are faced with can help in finding the solution. Once every point of view is on paper you can view it with a new perspective. You can bring all aspects together and better see your alternatives more clearly.

    Healing -- You can heal past hurts by recalling them and taking an objective view which will allow you to let them go. Keeping a journal can show you patterns in your personal life that have resulted in negative events. Using your journal in therapy is a great way to make progress in healing relationships and letting go of the past.

    Enhance intuition -- By looking back in your journal you can see where you had insight about something before it happened. You can read between the lines so to speak and see that your inner voice was speaking to you. You will gain trust in your own first impressions.

I'm sure you will find keeping a journal in your own personal style and for your own personal reasons will bring great benefit to your life in more ways than I've mentioned here.

You will realize your true self and be happier for it.

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