Breathing Meditation

Breathing meditation may seem simple, but don’t let it fool you, it can be one of the most beneficial ways to meditate you’ll ever use.

An Alternative Healing Method
I consider this to be one of many alternative healing methods. You can even heal your life through breathing meditation, because it enables you to view life situations from a calmer perspective, therefore, making difficult situations easier to deal with.

This meditation benefits your body, mind, and spirit:

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It is one of the most beneficial stress reduction techniques therefore, all stress related health issues can be improved or even cured.

Helps you gain control and quiet your mind by letting go of negative and stressful thoughts.

Puts you in that quiet space between thoughts and brings you closer to your inner spirit. It can become a form of spiritual meditation.

Benefits of Breathing Meditation

    • Using your breathing as a focal point helps concentration

    • Increases circulation and warms the body

    • Lungs take in oxygen more fully

    • Stress reduction

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Ocean Sound Breathing Method
Let me introduce you to Ujjayi breathing. This meditation technique is sometimes called ocean sound breathing, because of the sound the breath makes as you inhale and exhale.

    Ujjayi breathing technique:
    1. Read through these instructions before you attempt Ujjayi breathing.

    2. As always sit in a comfortable meditation posture.

    3. Breathe naturally and become aware of each in and out breath.

    4. With your mouth closed inhale and exhale through your nose. Breathe in and out while constricting the muscles in the back of your throat, this creates the ocean sound. (also see notes for beginners below)

    5. Each inhale and exhale should be long and controlled.

    6. Take full breathes all the way to your belly then all the way out and concentrate on the sound.

    7. Keep the tip of your tongue pressed to the roof of your mouth.

    8. With each inhale say to yourself “sa” with each exhale say “ha.”

    9. Each inhale and exhale should be equal in length, smooth, and relaxed.

    10. If your mind wanders just gently bring it back to your breathing.

    Notes for beginners:

      • In the beginning try this breathing meditation for 3 minutes or so, then as you feel more comfortable with this method increase the time. Don’t over do it your first time round, get the feel of it, and relax into it.
      • Feel how your throat tightens as you whisper the word “ha.” After practicing whispering the word “ha” a few times you will become familiar with the way the back of your throat constricts with the sound. Now try with your mouth closed, inhale, and exhale keeping the same constriction in your throat to make the ocean sound of Ujjayi breathing.
      • Listen to your body, if you become dizzy or lightheaded stop and then continue after a few minutes. Limit your practice time in the beginning until you become comfortable with the process.

Live your best life now through this powerful breathing meditation technique. Relax and enjoy all the benefits meditation can bring.


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