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Building Self Esteem

<img src= Building self esteem is a lesson in how to be happy. You are a unique individual and deserve all the happiness life has to offer. It�s there for the taking, it�s your birthright.

I will begin by quoting the title of a book, which I think is very appropriate for this topic: "What You Think of Me is None of My Business" by Terry Cole Whittaker (Please see Resources page for link)

To me this is the foundation on which you should build your self esteem, as well as incorporating theses 10 steps to building self esteem.

10 Steps to Self Esteem

    1. Listen to your own thoughts, make them positive ones. This is where your power is, the power to building self esteem.

    2. Don�t listen to the negative words or others. Remember your power is in your own thoughts and words. You have no control over the thoughts and words of others so why worry over them or take them to heart.

    3. Always recognize your successes. At the end of each day remember all the good you did. A journal is an excellent way to record this.

    4. Accept words of praise with a �thank you.� Don�t down play what you are being praised for. Simply accept the kind words with a gracious �thank you.�

    5. Use positive affirmations to build a new positive mindset and remove old negative ways of thinking.

    6. Seek out friends that have a positive outlook on life, friends that support you rather than bring you down.

    7. DO NOT compare yourself to others. You are a unique individual. If everyone were the same what a boring world this would be.

    8. List all your strengths and good qualities.

    9. Remember there is no such thing as failure. If your first attempt at something new does not work use it as a lesson learned and move on to a new approach. Life is a constant learning experience.

    10. Above all else be true to yourself. Lead your own life, not what others see for you, but what you see for yourself. There is great power in building self esteem through your own vision and carrying it out.

I cannot say it enough, be true to your self. From my personal experience, when I stopped trying to be like everyone else and accepted myself as I am, my self esteem grew.

You need to get to know yourself. These steps are just the beginning, try one step at a time, and live your best life now. Rejoice in the uniqueness of you!

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