Chakra Colors

Ancient wisdom teaches us that the Chakra colors and numbers, as they relate to each individual Chakra, are symbols for the energy that comes from the Divine Power behind and within everything in our universe.

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Colors Associated with the Chakras
The colors associated in the following list are the most common. In further study you will find more. Here are the colors and the attributes associated with your physical body and emotional frame of mind.

    Chakra Color
    7th Crown (spirit) Violet
    6th Brow (celestial body aka third eye) Indigo
    5th Throat (etheric body) Blue
    4th Heart (heart center) Green
    3rd Navel (intellectual body) Yellow
    2nd Spleen (emotional body) Orange
    1st Root (physical body) Red

(Chakra energy runs up the center of the body, parallel to the spinal column.)

    Violet has a very soothing effect on the nervous system. It is the color with the highest vibration and is absorbed through the crown of the head. Psychologically it has a healing effect on neurosis and can help the development of spiritual intuitive senses.

    Indigo controls the pineal gland, which has to do with the nervous, mental, and psychic parts of our being. It is absorbed through the area behind the brow (known as the third eye). Psychologically it is stabilizing.

    Blue slows things down and works like an antiseptic to prohibit infectious diseases. It is absorbed through the throat. Psychologically this color can create quiet and peace of mind.

    Green is the color of nature, balance, and harmony. It is absorbed by the heart. This color influences the heart and blood-pressure and has a soothing effect on the nerves. Psychologically it gives a feeling of renewal, and new life, like the coming of spring.

    Yellow is important for the nervous system and the digestive system. It is absorbed through the solar plexus. Psychologically it stimulates a logical mind and the power of reasoning.

    Orange works with the circulatory processes of the body. It is absorbed through the spleen. This color gives the body both physical and mental stimulation. It helps open the mind to new ideas.

    Red supplies our bodies with energy. It is drawn in through the base of the spine. This color affects the physical vitality of your body. Psychologically it can be uplifting, give confidence, and stimulate will power and courage.

Using Color
The Chakra colors related to your body can be used in different ways, such as meditation and healing. You can also wear clothing associated with a certain color to bring that color’s vibrational energy to you. You’ll find colors you are attracted to, that may be an indication that the Chakra associated with that color is in need of attention or balancing. Consulting with an energy healer is recommended to help balance your energy centers.

I hope you found this little overview of the colors associated with each Chakra interesting. It is amazing to know how easily color can influence your body, mind, and spirit. Make it a point to notice the colors in your life and the rainbow of body, mind, spirit.


Colors of the rainbow from heaven to earth, rooted in nature, there from our birth. Surrounded in color in warmth and light, for this is our nature, this is our right, to blossom in this healing rainbow, to live in the glow of its light. © Shirley Marotta

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