Chakra Healing

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Chakra healing and balancing is a process that brings your body, mind, and spirit into harmonious balance. Chakra balance is an important part of healing. There are professionally trained healers that can help in the healing and balancing process. It is a holistic energy healing process.

Professional Healers
Seek out a professional healer if you want the best results. A true professional healer will have had lots of training, not only in the healing methods but in areas such as anatomy, homeopathy, nutrition, and herbs. Look for someone with a well rounded background and training.

Talk to the healer you are considering before deciding if they will be best for your healing needs. Look for someone that has a calm confident nature. You should feel comfortable talking with them and receive direct answers to all your questions.

Yes, ask questions, this will not only help you understand the healing and balancing process, but will also give you good insight regarding the individual healer. The healer should welcome and encourage questions and answer them to your satisfaction.

A good professional healer will give you realistic answers and not make any guarantees concerning results. They know that everyone responds differently to healing.

What to Expect
Once you have found the healer you are comfortable with your first chakra session (sometimes called chakra healing attunements) may include the following:

    1. The healer will tell you what to expect.
    2. They will explain the process.
    3. They will evaluate the chakra energy in your body.
    4. They will attune them self to your energy.
    5. Treatment will begin.

Although it is considered hands on energy healing the treatment will most likely be through the healer’s hands being held over each chakra energy center. The healer will perform chakra clearing and chakra balancing as she/he moves through each chakra energy center.

Be prepared for emotional issues that may arise as a result of this treatment. Dealing with these emotional issues is a very important part of the healing process.

Emotional Healing
Chakra healing also touches the emotional layer of your body. This is normal and you should not be embarrassed if you suddenly become emotional during or after your healing session. A good professional healer will be your reassurance and comfort. (If emotions that are awakened become too overwhelming it is best to seek the guidance of a trained therapist as well.)

Each chakra center governs a different aspect of your, body, mind, and spirit. Healing and balancing your chakras is a wonderful holistic energy healing process and a positive step toward a healthier, happier life.

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