Chakra Meditation

Chakra meditation is another path to understanding your true spiritual nature. Meditating with awareness of each chakra (energy centers) helps you balance and awaken them and in doing so you are creating a healthy, balanced, body, mind, and spirit.

Understanding Your True Self
The goal of all meditation is to gain access and understanding of your true self or inner spirit. The true self is found beyond all that is physical. Did you know you have three bodies?

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    Three Bodies

    1. The physical body is the body you most identify with. You are born into this body and it is your vehicle for getting around on this Earth. Your physical body is said to be made up of the five elements: earth, water, fire, air, and ether (or space).

    2. The astral body is also known as the subtle body. This body is connected to your physical body by invisible threads. The astral body holds all your non-physical traits, such as, likes, dislikes, personality, and thoughts. This connection to your physical body gives you the understanding of why thoughts, feelings, and stress affect your physical well being. The astral body is also made up of three additional layers:

      First = “vital layer” the energetic “double” that lies closest to your physical body
      Second = the mental and emotional layer
      Third = the layer of your intellect and individuality

    3. The seed body is where your karma and past lives are stored.

Benefits of Meditation
The benefits of meditation are many. You will discover the places within your being, especially through chakra meditation, that make you who you are. You will come to an understanding of all the subtle energies within yourself and find areas where energy is weak whereby causing an imbalance in all the other energy centers. You will find:

      Emotional healing
      Mental clarity
      Spiritual connection

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    You can begin your journey through the chakras by meditating on each chakra (energy center). You will with practice begin to feel the energy of each chakra. Begin your meditation as you would any meditation session, in a room free from distraction and noise. Sit in the traditional meditation posture on the floor or whatever position you have found to be comfortable.

    Begin your meditation with the root chakra at the base of your spine and work your way up the center of the body through each chakra. Visualize the chakra color as you focus on each individual chakra. Each chakra is also represented by a lotus flower with a specific number of petals, they are as follows:

      7th Crown (spirit) = infinite number of petals
      6th Brow (celestial body aka third eye) = two petals
      5th Throat (etheric body) = sixteen petals
      4th Heart (heart center) = twelve petals
      3rd Navel (intellectual body) = ten petals
      2nd Spleen (emotional body) = six petals
      1st Root (physical body) = four petals

    As you reach each chakra focus your attention on it, relate to its color and the lotus flower. Stay with it for a few minutes recognizing any feelings or emotions that come up. Take your time and relax into each chakra.

    To end your chakra meditation session it is helpful to repeat the process but this time visualize the lotus flower of each chakra closing its petals.

    I hope you have found this helpful and that it will encourage you to pursue this subject further. You can read much more about this in Swami Saradananda’s book Chakra Meditation.

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