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Creative Visualization

Shakti explains creative visualization as a technique that utilizes your imagination to create what you want. Whether you realize it or not you use this technique every day.

Whenever you are planning something you want to do or have, it first begins with a thought. That thought brings into your mind's eye the images associated with it and viola, you are visualizing! This is not a new mysterious technique; it is an unconscious part of your every day life.

It is your natural power of imagination. You just need to use it in a more conscious way in order to create what you want. Make your life a conscious journey and you will see change happen.

<img src= How It Works
In order to understand how visualization works Shakti explains that the universe is energy. All matter is composed of energy. Even science is finding this to be true.

The universe is made up of energy that is vibrating at different rates of speed as a result you find differences from finer to denser types of energy. For instance the energy of water is considered much finer than that of a rock.

<img src= Energy is Magnetic
You have probably heard before the sayings "like attracts like" and "law of attraction," meaning energies of a certain vibrational density will attract to it energy of a similar vibration and density.

This also applies to your feelings and thoughts they each have their own vibrational intensity and will attract energy that is similar in its vibrational intensity. In Shakti's book Creative Visualization she gives the following example: "When we 'accidentally' run into someone we've just been thinking of, or 'happen' to pick up a book that contains exactly the perfect information we need at that moment."

<img src= It's a Process
Whenever you create something it always begins as a thought, then that thought attracts energy with a similar vibration bringing it into being. Creating change in your life does not happen by just thinking positive thoughts alone.

You must go deeper and explore and change your attitude toward your life as well. Using this visualization process can help you discover how your thoughts are holding you back and blocking your ability to achieve what you want.

Don't let deep seeded negativity hold you back look for the how and why understand it and then you can let it go and consciously create your best life now.

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