Crown Chakra

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The Crown Chakra is your 7th chakra. In the language of Sanskrit it is known as the Sahasrara Chakra.

This chakra is considered the door to divine universal energy. It takes you far beyond physical worldly things into timeless infinite consciousness. It is the pathway to your higher consciousness.

In Balance
Being in balance and open allows you to see far beyond the material world and into your true nature. The more balanced the Crown Chakra is the better your connection to the divine consciousness.

You will experience more joy, receive guidance, and be drawn to spiritual teachings. You will easily understand these teachings and they will feel like home as you incorporate them into your life. You will also have access to your intuitive nature and inner guidance.

Out of Balance
Being out of balance in this chakra will limit your vision of what is beyond your material existence. It may be difficult for you to connect with the world around you and to find the joy in life.

Your sense of wonder, spirituality, and creativity will be lacking. The world can be a dense physical place without energy. You may become very materialistic, stuck in the past, and worried about the future. Having material possessions may be your only vision of a successful life.

Meditating on the Crown Chakra will open the door to a stronger understanding and intuitive knowledge of your inner spirit, your divine source.

You will see and experience the universal connection within all beings and strengthen your spirit through its infinite joy.

Visualize a beautiful lotus flower and your being as its sparkling center.


    “I am open to the joy of my universal connection to all beings.”

    “I receive and welcome the intuition of my inner spirit.”

    “I recognize the limitless potential of my body, mind, and spirit.”

    “My existence moves beyond the material world and touches the divine source.”

    “The joy of my inner spirit lives in me and is expressed through me.”

    “I allow the light from above to flow through my being, enlightening my spirit.”

You can also experience meditation benefits through the use of this mantra; it can be recited silently or aloud.

(Pronounced: “om mahnee padmay hum”)

These words of wisdom express the energy of this chakra and touch your inner spirit.

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