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Daily Affirmations

<img src= Daily affirmations are such an easy way to uplift your spirit and change your thinking. Starting your day with positive affirmations sets the tone and puts you on the right track toward taking a calm confident approach to your day.

You can use affirmations for whatever your daily life brings. Do you have a difficult commute or job? Perhaps you are dealing with change in your life.

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Dealing with Change
Using affirmations set in the present moment with an uplifting message puts you in the proper frame of mind to deal with life changing situations in a calm and rational manner.

Choose daily affirmations that fit the situation you are dealing with. They can reflect the outcome you desire or the state of mind you want to be in as you deal with the situation. If the words speak to you and accomplish your goal then use them.

Dealing with change from a positive perspective can bring positive results. Relax and listen to the meaning of every affirmative phrase you use. They will open your mind to understanding that you can change your thinking and the way you deal with life changing issues.

<img src= Morning Devotion
The first thing in the morning is one of the best times to recite or read your affirmations. It�s like the saying goes �getting up on the right side of the bed� when you start your day on a positive uplifting note.

I keep my affirmations on my night table. You can post them on your bathroom mirror or any place you head for first thing in the morning. Depending on what is going on in my life at the time I either use affirmations I�ve written or I read from a book of daily affirmations. There are many wonderful books available that provide an affirmation a day; you can even get them online.

<img src= Evening Devotion
Having your affirmations handy at bed time is a wonderful opportunity to put yourself in a peaceful frame of mind as you fall asleep. With your positive affirmations in mind you can sleep on them to further process their message and sleep restfully knowing the universe is always there to hear them.

Putting your mind in a peaceful confident state will surely bring about beautiful dreams and perhaps help solve difficult issues you�ve been dealing with. You�ll wake up refreshed and the solution may come to you as if it were always there.

Whether you choose to use your affirmations in the morning or at night you will benefit from the positive energy you are projecting into your life and out into the world around you.

Let your daily affirmations become your source of daily motivation. The energy put forth through positive thought will attract more positive energy to you, so let your thoughts be loving and kind not only for yourself but for others as well. The kindness you convey to others also benefits you because we are all one in spirit.

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