Daily Inspiration

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I have selected for your daily inspiration a few of the affirmation/meditations from Ernest Holmes' book The Science of Mind.

I hope these inspirational words of wisdom will help to serve as daily inspiration to begin living your best life now.

I recommend you choose the ones that fit your needs. Read the statements carefully taking time to understand its meaning and embrace the atmosphere the words create.

You can recite the statements aloud or to yourself. You can also meditate on the meaning of each statement for as long as you like. The purpose is to create a state of mind that will bring to you peace and positive empowering feelings.

For your daily inspiration I present the following affirmation/meditation statements are found on pages 507—550 in The Science of Mind by Ernest Holmes, publisher Penquin Putnam, Inc.

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Happiness and Completion
I am happy and complete, today and forever.
Within me is that which is Perfect and Complete.
It is the Spirit of all Life, Truth and Action.
I am happy in the certain knowledge of this Inner Light.
I cannot be sad nor sorry, but must radiate Joy and Life.
For Life is within me now.
I am happy and complete.

Here and Now
Perfection is already accomplished.
I am that Perfect Life here and now.
Today I express the Limitless Life of the All Good.
Today I manifest my Completion in every part of me.
Today I am saved.
Here and now I am healed.

There Is No Pain
There is no pain nor inflammation.
All fear is swept away in the realization of Truth.
I am free from every belief in pain.
The Spirit cannot pain, and I am pure Spirit.
I am free from all pain.

There Is No Pain
My eyes behold the complete and perfect in all Creation,
"In all, over all and through all."
I see the perfect; there is nothing else to see,
and no suggestion of otherness can enter my thought.
I know only the perfect and the complete.
I am perfect and whole, now.
I see the Good.

I Keep the Promise
I shall keep the promise that I have made to myself.
I shall never again tell myself that I am poor, sick, weak, nor unhappy.
I shall not lie to myself any more, but shall daily speak the truth to my
inner Soul, telling It that It is wonderful and marvelous; that It is
One with the Great Cause of all life, Truth, Power and Action.
I shall whisper these things into my Soul until it breaks forth into
songs of joy with the realization of Its Limitless possibilities.
I shall assure my Soul.

The Time Has Come
The time has come, the hour has struck.
The power from within has come forth and is expressing through my word.
I do not have to wait; today is the time.
Today I enter into all Truth; today I am completely healed.
Today I enter into my inheritance.
Today the Truth has made me free.

Friendship of the Spirit and of Man
The Friendship of the Spirit and of man is mine now and forever.
Even now I see the countless numbers of friends coming
and going around me.
I enter into this friendship and this companionship
with gladness and rejoice.
I receive my friends.

I Was Told to Live
By some inner mystic Presence.
I was told to live and love, to laugh and be glad.
I was told to be still and know of the One Almighty Power,
in and through all.
I was told to let that Power work through and in me.
I believed that voice and I received my Good.
I am healed—The joy of Life.

The Inner Light
The Light of Heaven shines through me and illumines my path.
The Light Eternal is my guide and my protection.
In that light thee is not darkness at all.
It is a Perfect Light shining from the altar of a perfect Love.
O Light and Love within me, Thou art welcome.
Light shines through me and illumines the Way.

The Things I Need Come to Me
Whatever I need comes to me from the All Good.
Divine Intelligence working through me always knows
just what I need and always supplies it when I need it.
This Law is unfailing and sure, and cannot be broken.
I receive my Good daily as I go along the pathway of Life, and
I cannot be robbed of my birthright to freedom and happiness.
I receive my Good.

The Way Is Made Clear Before Me
The Way is made clear before me; I do not falter nor fall.
The Way of the Spirit is my Way, and I am compelled to walk in it.
My feet are kept on the Path of Perfect Life.
The Way is prepared before me, and that Way is a Path of
Peace, of Fulfillment and Joy.
The Way is bright with the light of Love and Kindness.
The Way I tread is a pleasant and a happy one.
I see the Way and I walk in it.

Drawing the Good
I draw my Good to me as I travel along the Way of Life,
and nothing can keep It from me.
My Good will always follow me.
I accept the Good and rejoice that it is with me.
I accept the Good.

These are only a few of the affirmation/meditations from the book, there are many more. I hope the ones I have chosen will bring you daily inspiration. I encourage you to read this book, The Science of Mind, and become further inspired.

It is my wish for you that this form of daily inspiration creates a happier, healthier you. Blessings to you!

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