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Daily Meditation

Daily meditation is simply allowing yourself time during each day to do nothing and think of nothing and just be.

img src= Sure in a perfect world we�d all have more than enough time to devote to meditation, but life happens and obligations exist. Don�t put undo stress on yourself by feeling guilty because you can�t find the time. I will give you some tips that will be helpful, ease your mind, and help you find your special time for daily meditation.

The Moment Between Thoughts
Here�s a little fact that I found to be helpful in my understanding of meditation:

    The point when you are truly in touch with your inner spirit is in those brief moments in between thoughts. That�s where you are truly connected to your higher power.

(Dr. Wayne Dyer explains this as �Getting in the Gap.� His book is a wonderful read and it comes with a CD.)

Just think, how long are those moments between thoughts? They are split seconds in time. Now just think within a matter of 5 minutes or so how many of those between thought moments happen. Don�t start thinking and counting them, the trick is to let go of expectations and just let it be. You are not letting thoughts hinder your quiet time and you are using that time to let go and just be in the here and now.

It�s Quality Not Quantity
There are no strict time limits; it�s the quality of the moment not the quantity of time.

Create an everyday routine, it�s much better to meditate on a regular on going basis. It�s best to meditate for 5 to 10 minutes everyday rather then 1 hour once a week (combining the two is even better). The important factor is that you be consistent.

A digital alarm watch can help to time each session especially if you can only devote 5 to 10 minutes each day to meditation.

Daily meditation is easy and once you find your comfort zone during the day it will become a natural welcomed time of day.

Carving Out Time

    Walking Meditation: As you walk from place to place during your day make it a point to become aware. Be aware of the here and now, be at peace, let go of thoughts, just focus on your breathing, and your steps.

    Morning: Wake up about 15 minutes earlier and use that time to meditate. It�s a good time before the hustle and bustle of the day. In the shower pause for 3 to 5 minutes to just be, don�t think of the day ahead of you.

    Noon: Take a portion of your lunch time to go to a quiet area and let go of the events of the morning. Let go of thoughts, if they float in just let them float in and float out.

    Evening: Take a few minutes before dinner, before the family comes together, this is your time to be in that quiet space between thoughts, if only for a few minutes. After driving home, park the car, and use that time in your car, before you step into family life, to be quiet. Wash away thoughts of the day�s events, let them go. Just be, just breathe.

Be in the Here and Now
Remember what is past is past, what is in the future is not here yet, so let all thought of past and future go and be in the quiet of the here and now.

Though you may think it is not possible to get any benefit from only 5 to 10 minutes per day, you will benefit! The key is meditating daily, you know �practice makes perfect.� By meditating consistently on a daily basis you will find it easier and easier to get into the quiet space between thoughts and you will calm your body, mind, and spirit.

Just 5 to 10 minutes of daily meditation is the time for you to let go and just be. It will open the door to that place of inner peace. You�ll be able to access that place between thoughts and touch that place of inner peace wherever and whenever you want.

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