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Dealing with Change

Dealing with change can be difficult. Controlling your focus and channeling your energy is essential when unexpected change occurs.

Controlled Focus
What are you focused on in the midst of unexpected change? Do you only see inconvenience, the prospect of the unknown, or how you don�t like doing things differently?

First step in controlling your focus is to see it as an opportunity to break out of old ways. Focus on how you can make the change work for the better. See the positive side of it, perhaps now your schedule will have some free time, maybe you get to meet new people or learn new skills. Most important you prove to yourself that you can handle whatever life hands you.

    Don�t focus on what you don�t want to do.
    Do focus on how it can benefit you by making you stronger.

You may not be in control of the change but you are in control of your response to it. So take control!

Channel Your Energy
All that energy you put into worry, fear, and stress needs to be redirected. Put your energy into being in the moment, don�t look ahead and don�t look back just be in the here and now.

<img src= Dealing with change requires that you be fully present in each moment so you can clearly and successfully incorporate the new ideas that come with change and implement them without stress or worry. Make life easier through the path of least resistance and go with the flow.

Letting Go
When dealing with change letting go is your biggest challenge. Letting go doesn�t mean letting things run you over, it means accepting that life is always changing, also knowing that when the unexpected happens you will deal with it.

Remember the saying �This too shall pass� because you know that change will come and change will go. Life is forever moving and forever changing.

My Best Advice
My best advice to help you through difficult change is to remember and keep these affirmations as your guideposts in life:

    This too shall pass.

    It is what it is.

    Go with the flow.

Recall past situations that involved unexpected change and how you successfully managed to deal with it and how you have moved on since. I�ll bet you�re all the better for it.

I�ve said it before and I�ll say it again, �live your best life now!� don�t let unexpected change stop you in your tracks.

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