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What can you do to create a happy life? Create an independent life free from outside influences, and don’t let anyone steal your personal happiness. What I mean by outside influence is the opinions of others or what they think of you, or should I say what YOU THINK they think of you.

Your personal happiness is just that, YOUR personal happiness! Don’t be dependent on the opinions of others. Thoughtfully consider their opinion and weigh it against what you want, if it rings true for you then by all means value that opinion. When it comes to your personal happiness do not overlook your own ideas for the sake of others. Don’t let anyone steal your happiness.

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Are you someone that does everything in your power to make others happy at the sacrifice of your own personal happiness, and it probably feels like you’ve failed when it doesn’t seem to be enough? You haven’t failed, you are just trying to control something that’s not yours to control. The only control you have is in the choices you make in your own life.

Have you ever had an idea that you didn’t express, because you feared what others may think of you? You have no control over what others think so why worry about it. You will free yourself of worry and anxiety when you come to realize that you cannot control the thoughts and actions of others. So don’t let anyone steal your happiness, by worrying about what they will think.

Responsibility in Creating Personal Happiness
The independent creation of your personal happiness comes into play, when you realize that your personal happiness does not depend on others.

If you make life decisions based on what others think or want for you, you are being dependent on their approval. Being independent does not mean being alone, it does mean you have taken responsibility for your own personal happiness.

The more you recognize and put into action your independent thoughts and ideas the more joy and happiness you’ll feel in all you accomplish. Just think of the burden that will be lifted when you no longer have to fit outside opinions into your life decisions.

*Keep this affirmation in mind: “I rest in the knowledge that I don’t have to prove myself in anyone’s eyes but my own.”

The Greatest Gift
When you decide to be true to yourself and become independent of the opinions of others you will find the joy in your life. You’ll have the courage to follow your dreams and build a strong independent mind. So don’t let anyone steal your happiness. You and only you know what’s right for you and what makes you happy.

Your personal happiness will serve others as well. Your confident approach to life will be a positive influence on others. You will react to others from a state of happiness and people will enjoy having you around because of your good humor and light heart. Your happy state of mind will be a gift to everyone you encounter in your life.

Your greatest gift to loved ones is your personal happiness and joy. When you bring that into their lives you are setting an example and projecting a positive influence on everyone.

Parting Comments
Someone once told me not to be a writer. I’m a bit stubborn, so if someone tells me I can’t do something I immediately have to do it or at least attempt it. I may not be writing a prize winning novel, but I’m writing. I’m writing because I always knew I had something to say and I didn’t let anyone’s opinion get in my way.

I hope what I have written has helped you to see a side of yourself that you’d never realized. Such small changes in your thinking can bring life changing experiences.

I’ve included in the resources below some inspiring reading to help you further in creating a happier, emotionally healthier you.

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Succeed on Your Own Terms by Herb Greenberg and Patrick Sweeney

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