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Everyday Yoga

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Practicing everyday yoga is easy if you take it one day at a time. Youíll begin to experience results and it will become a welcome part of each day, especially if you create a personalized routine that will easily fit into your daily schedule.

As you begin to feel the growth and improvement in yourself, you will reap the benefits of practicing yoga every day.

Yoga Benefits
Yoga is commonly known to relieve stress, increase flexibility, and tone your body. It can also improve concentration and stamina as well as being a wonderful compliment to sports training. Make the commitment to everyday yoga even if itís just 10 minutes of light yoga per day.

Rewards of Daily Practice
By practicing everyday yoga you are giving yourself the gift of self improvement in so many ways:

    1. You learn to release tension.
    2. Your concentration improves.
    3. You learn to listen to your body.
    4. You gain a sense of well-being.
    5. You improve your body, mind, and spirit.

Find the yoga asanas (poses) that you enjoy and feel good doing. Gentle yoga stretches are just as beneficial as the more complex poses. When you practice yoga listen to your body, it will tell you whatís right by the way it feels.

Keeping Every Day Motivation
Make your yoga practice interesting vary the yoga poses you do each day:

    1. You can concentrate on different parts of your body each day.

    2. One day practice a light yoga routine the next make it a bit more intense.

    3. Do a number of Sun Salutation repetitions one day a week or every other day.

    4. Purchase a yoga book or video with various routines you can follow for variety.

    5. Donít limit yourself to always practicing in the same place. Go outside, when weather permits, the natural surroundings will enhance your yoga experience.

    6. Record your yoga experiences in a journal.

    7. Iím a big fan of setting the mood with candles, incense, and your favorite gentle music.

Becoming Your Own Best Friend
By giving yourself this gift of everyday yoga you are telling yourself that you matter. Putting yourself first is not selfish when it comes to your overall health and well-being.

No one can do it for you, so treat yourself with the same respect and caring as you do others. Make a date with yourself once a day, if only for 10 to 20 minutes, and treat your body, mind, and spirit to the wonderful experience of yoga.

Please refer to the Resource page of this Website to find the perfect book to get you started on this every day adventure of yoga practice.


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