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Go With the Flow

Go with the flow is another important aspect of the creative visualization technique covered in Shakti Gawain's book, Creative Visualization.

This is based on the teachings of the Tao. You can effortlessly get to where you want to be, by simply having a clear vision in mind and then calmly go with the flow on the river of life. Instead of struggling against the current flow with it and your journey will be less stressful. <img src=

Keep Your Goals in Mind
Keep a light hold on your goals and be flexible there may come a time when changing them could be more beneficial in the long run. There's a fine balance between keeping your goals and desires specifically in mind and still enjoying the journey and the experiences you encounter along the way.

    Personal Experience
    I have the perfect personal example of how this works. I was looking to buy a condo. I knew what I wanted and I wanted it soon. I looked at many places through the spring and summer of 1995, but nothing was what I was visualizing.

    By the end of August I just let go and said to myself "If I don't find anything by the end of the month I'll stop looking and pick it up again next spring." Well, not even a few days after I made that decision my realtor called me to hurry on over there was a condo available and it was priced to sell.

    Making a long story short, here I am in my condo and I love it! Letting go of the desperation to find my condo worked like a charm.

So holding lots of emotion around your goals, concerning whether or not you reach them, will work against you. Your fear of not attaining it will indeed work against you by out weighing the idea of the goal itself, if the balance of energy is more focused in fear rather than relaxing into the ideas of the goal.

Relax and go with the flow and take with you the confidence that all is right in your world and the universe will do the rest.

Let your creative visualization process come naturally, if at any time you feel like you are trying too hard or your thoughts are taking you in a different direction stop, it may be that you are not ready to reach that goal yet. You may have more work to do or it may be that there is something better to be considered.

Most important is to be consciously aware and open to the process. Relax and let your goals and desires unfold in the rhythm of the universe.

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