Gratitude Journal

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Create an attitude of gratitude with a gratitude journal. Journal writing is the best way to advance your personal growth.

A Gratitude Attitude
It is a wonderful way to discover how words of gratitude can change your life.

I started my gratitude journal about a year ago and I make it a point to write something every evening.

You should go over the day's events and choose the events that turned out to be a good thing and write them down. It can be something as simple as the sunshine or your gratitude toward your friends and family.

Think about the events of the day, did something turn out well for you? Did someone do something nice for you? Be grateful for the things that make you smile and for the things you already have that are good and that you enjoy.

Power of Gratitude
Keeping a gratitude journal is one of the best ways to benefit your personal growth. It opens your mind and heart to see the good in all things and builds a happier state of mind.

In focusing your thinking and writing down those things you are grateful for in your life you are accenting the positive and that's how the power of gratitude works.

It makes you change your mindset from negative to positive. Remember, I say this often, "Thoughts are things." The more you appreciate the good in your life no matter how small the more you will attract.

The Universe works with what you send it in thought. You send positive thoughts of gratitude and appreciation and it reflects back to you more of the same.

Journal Writing
Let's get to the journal writing now. Get out your favorite pen and notebook, even better you can buy a special journal or create one of your own if you are crafty.

I have all kinds of different style journal, when I go shopping if I see a journal that catches my eye I purchase it. I have different journals for different subjects.

For my gratitude journal it is a simple journal with inspiring quotes at the bottom of each page. Every evening after dinner I sit down with my journal and begin by writing the date, then I write "I am grateful for . . ." under that I list all the things I am grateful for that day.

You can start it simply as I have or you can write a paragraph about what you are grateful for. It doesn't matter how you write as long as you get in the habit of reflecting on the good things. You will be surprised at the feelings of contentment you will get from your journal writing.

It can even be a source of strength in knowing how much good you really do have in life. Especially when you start to see the changes it brings about in you and your attitude.

Accentuate the positive!

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