Healing with Color

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Healing with color not only affects your physical being but your spiritual energy as well. It becomes the bridge between the physical and spiritual aspects of your self.

Color flows through your chakra energy centers distributing it along the spinal column and sending it throughout your body.

Color Healing Methods
Some of the methods used by healers when healing with color are: color filters, color solarized water, and color breathing.

    Color Filters: In this method the healer uses a lamp or projector that holds different color filters. This is then projected on the patient where needed.

    Color Solarized Water: The water is color charged by placing it in a jar which is the appropriate color (the healer can determine the appropriate color or colors for the patient) then letting the water filled jar sit in the sun for an hour or two. The patient then drinks the color charged water.

    Color Breathing: This method requires you to visualize the appropriate color as you breathe in while counting and hold the breath for the same number of counts then breathe out for the same number of counts. The number of counts should be whatever it comfortable for you.

Chakras and Color
When healing with color the chakra energy centers are the channels that distribute each color throughout the body.

<img src= First Chakra is Red (A powerful stimulant should be used with caution and followed by green or blue.) and known to help the nervous system, circulation of the blood, and anemia.

<img src= Second Chakra is Orange and is known to help such ailments as asthma, bronchitis, and enliven the emotions.

<img src= Third Chakra is Yellow and associated with muscles, skin, and alleviation of depression.

<img src= Fourth Chakra is Green and associated with the heart, alleviates headaches, and regulates blood pressure.

<img src= Fifth Chakra is Blue and associated with the throat, reducing fever, and healing cuts and bruises.

<img src= Sixth Chakra is Indigo and this chakra is associated with the ears, eyes, and nose.

<img src= Seventh Chakra is Violet and reduces stress, helps insomnia, and mental disorders.

These are a few of the issues and ailments that can be helped by color healing.

Color is Everywhere
Color is everywhere in your life. I’m sure there are certain colors you are drawn to. There are colors that evoke certain feelings and when wearing specific colors can enhance your mood or your energy levels.

(On a personal note, I used to visit a home that was decorated in various shades of green in every room. Being in that home was always uncomfortable and even made it difficult for me to eat. That was my first experience with how color could affect my body and mind.)

Make today the day that you start being aware of color in your life. Stop and recognize how certain colors make you feel. If you decide healing with color is right for you seek out a professional healer and do lots of research on the subject it can be a powerful tool for healing and self transformation.

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