Heart Chakra

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The Heart Chakra is located in the center of your chest. The Sanskrit word for it is Anahata Chakra meaning “un-struck.”

This chakra has subtle harmonies that can be likened to plucking or striking a musical instrument. It lies at the center of your subtle body and is linked to both physical and spiritual aspects. It can take energy from the upper chakras and transform it to be absorbed by the lower chakras. In turn it can take the lower chakra energies and transform them into energy that forms your ideas, dreams, and thoughts.

You use this chakra center to touch others with love and compassion. Opening of your Heart Chakra enables you to give and receive the gift of love and compassion.

In Balance
When this chakra is in balance you feel free yet grounded. You are accepting of yourself. You are trusting and compassionate, not only toward yourself but toward all beings.

You openly give and received love, compassion, trust, and joy. This chakra is also important in helping to manifest ideas into physical reality. It is the center that filters both the upper and lower chakras; it is where the physical and spiritual meet.

Out of Balance
If this chakra is over-active you become too airy making it difficult to be grounded. You may feel lonely and afraid of being hurt. On the other hand if the Heart Chakra is under-active you may feel weighed down with a lack of joy in your life.

You can become possessive or jealous, even selfish. With this chakra out of balance you feel unfulfilled emotionally.

The Air Element
This chakra is represented by the element of air. This is the chakra that will bring a “breath of fresh air” to your life.

Meditating on this chakra clears your mind of its limited thinking and makes your body, mind, and spirit lighter and carefree. There is a Buddhist meditation technique called metta or “loving-kindness,” that is used to open the Heart Chakra and heal old emotional wounds.

When meditating on this chakra it is best to be out in the open air if possible or near an open door or window. Wind chimes are a wonderful reminder of the air as it flows around you.

Feel the gentle breeze and imagine your body is as light as air, feel living joy.


    “I free my heart of hurt and pain.”

    “With my feet on the ground I let my spirit fly.”

    “I forgive past hurts and open to infinite joy.”

    “I release the heavy burden of guilt and embrace the lightness of my heart.”

    “The air of change surrounds me and places me on the road to joy.”

    “My heart is filled with trust and compassion for myself and others.”

Share the compassion and love that emanates from this chakra. Dreams and ideas that are from the heart will come true.

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