Journaling Ideas

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Discover journaling ideas that will both inspire you and bring out your creative side. Find self expression through creative journaling and set yourself free!

Through the freedom of self expression you can create for yourself the fulfillment, accomplishment, and personal growth you so richly deserve.

Benefits of Journaling
The benefits of journaling have a far reaching affect in your life. You can discover things about yourself: what inspires you, what makes you happy, your strong points, your weak points, you will see yourself in a new light, and find freedom in your own self expression.

Journal writing is meant to be a personal expression of your thoughts, ideas, and inspiration. Some of the best journaling ideas will come from you.

I have kept many different journals in my life and will continue to do so, they are a great comfort to me especially in stressful times. Most importantly journaling has helped me see the benefits of my own individuality.

Getting Started
First and foremost give yourself permission to write and creatively express yourself in anyway you see fit. You don't have to restrict yourself, write about whatever is important to you.

Honor yourself by writing what pleases you, what fulfills your mind and spirit. Record all your thoughts, feelings, and ideas. Be true to yourself, your journal is for your eyes only and is not meant to please anyone else but you.

Journaling Ideas

  • Recording your dreams can give you insight into your personality. You may even find the answer to problems you've been struggling with.

  • Create stories about what your perfect life would be like.

  • Write about your fears. Explore your feelings related to a fear you have and why. This is a good tool to use to work on resolving that fear.

  • Difficult person in your life? Write about that person and how they make you feel and why you let them push those emotional buttons. You may find a better way to deal with that person.

  • Record your personal triumphs big and small. They are wonderful for your self-esteem and confidence.

  • Write about one of your strengths and how it helps you navigate through life or how that strength benefits others. (This is another self-esteem booster!)

  • Simply summarize your day.

  • Record the things you are thankful for and why.

  • Start a quotations journal. Enter all your favorite quotes and wise sayings.

  • Write poetry or compose songs.

Creative Journaling
Get creative with your journal you don't have to spend money on a fancy store bought journal. Purchase something as simple as a notebook and jazz it up with some of these creative journaling ideas:

  • Draw pictures to illustrate your writing.

  • Paste in your favorite pictures or images from magazines that enhance your journal and tell a story.

  • Scrapbooking supplies give you an array of beautiful trims, stickers and other things that would be perfect to decorate your journal with.

  • Craft stores have lots of wonderful supplies, stickers, glitter, beads, all different kinds of paper, the list goes on and on.

  • Add pressed flowers and ribbon.

  • Create a beautiful bookmark made of colorful ribbons, to mark your favorite pages or where you last wrote an entry.

There are many creative ideas I am sure you will come up with many more. The point is to put your personal imprint on your journal inside and out.

You've created this journal as a form of your own self expression. Don't hold back, make it unique, after all you are a unique individual there is no one else in the world like you. Be inspiring, have fun!

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