Keeping a Journal

<img src= Keeping a journal is a wonderful tool for self discovery and personal growth.

I have been journal writing for most of my adult life. Each journal has varied in form and content, but they all helped me see myself in a new light and work out issues in my life. It helped me to look back at earlier writing to see that I have come a long way from that shy person I used to be.

Keeping a journal will take you on a journey of self discovery, exploration, fun, and insight about yourself and the world around you. Journaling is a great method for working out problems, and finding solutions.

Life is a constant learning experience why not record your lessons learned and chart your progress by keeping a journal.

Journaling Topics
There are endless topics on which you can begin your journaling experience. Journaling topics can be anything that is important to you. You can begin a journal about your personal struggles and triumphs, spiritual growth, your family, or just everyday happenings.

I've kept journals about my personal growth, creating affirmations, my dreams, meditations (I recorded the images and words that came to me while in meditation). The spiritual writing on the Wisdom Quotes page of my Web site came from my meditations journal.

Other Journaling Topics:

You can be creative use your imagination most any topic can be explored through journaling. The key is to enjoy the benefits of journaling by making the process uniquely your own.

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Setting Up Your Journaling Experience
Use materials that you love to work with. Make sure you have plenty of your favorite pens on hand. Make it fun get them in your favorite colors. Purchase a specially designed journal on handmade paper if that suites your fancy or just get your favorite style of notebook. If you are very organized you may want to use a 3 ring binder to organize your thoughts and insights. Explore your own creative journaling ideas use your imagination.

After you have gathered all your favorite writing materials (yes your computer counts if you prefer typing rather than hand writing each journal entry) it's important to keep them in a spot where you know they will not be disturbed or taken. You don't want to sit down with your journal all ready to write to find your favorite pen is missing.

When you begin each new journal entry it's a good idea to have a space on the page to record the date, day of the week, and even the time of day if you like. It makes it interesting when you look back to an older entry to see what you were writing about at that time. This is how you chart your progress.

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Time and Place
Decide on the best time and place for journal writing. A quiet place and time where you know you will not be disturbed. This allows you the time to contemplate the events of the day and record your thoughts and feelings.

Of course there is always the option of carrying a journal with you. This option allows you the freedom to record your thoughts and ideas while they are fresh in your mind. You may see or read something that sparks an idea or encounter someone that has given you new insight on an issue of interest.

You are free to decide how and when you write, remember this is a personal journey only you can make it happen.

Keeping a journal is a gift you give to yourself. Enjoy this special time look forward to it. The discoveries you will make through journaling are endless.

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