Law of Abundance
Manifesting Money

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First, what is the law of abundance and how does it help in manifesting money? Abundance means having plenty of whatever it is you want. This law is telling us that there is plenty of everything to go around if you believe it to be so. There's plenty of money out there you just need to know how to attract it.

Attitude of Gratitude
Your attitude plays a major role in whether or not you have the abundance you desire. Look around you appreciate and be grateful for what you have. Observe the abundance around you in all things not just in money.

Having an attitude of gratitude is the way you start transforming the energy you transmit to the universe into positive energy. After adjusting your attitude, you can turn towards changing the way you think about money.

What do you think about money?
The law of abundance like all universal laws sends back to you what your thoughts are focused on the most. What is your thought process when it concerns money? Are you always thinking about your lack of money?

Whatever your thoughts are continually focused on is what you will get. Worried about not having enough money, well guess what that's what you'll get over and over again.

Manifesting Money
Manifesting money is tricky I admit, it is difficult to think abundance when your checking account it down to its last dollar. I struggle with this issue myself, I have kept myself out of poverty, but I am by no means rich. When I find myself stressing out about not having the money to do things or buy something I want or need that's when the money situation gets worse. I have to remind myself and refocus all over again. But I assure you it does work especially when you can let yourself trust that the universe will provide.

Take these small steps and make the law of abundance work for you:

  1. Be grateful for what you have.
  2. Never let yourself think of what you don't have.
  3. Always expect the best outcome. Visualize, visualize, visualize!
  4. Know that it is rightfully yours in accordance with the divine laws of the universe.
  5. Never envy others for their successes, be happy for them, and open your heart to receive your own success.
  6. Release all negative thoughts and feelings about money.
  7. Be open to receive it, know you are worthy of receiving all that is good including money.
  8. Money is energy in order to keep it coming you must let it circulate, so let it go. You'll be making room for more. (No, don't wipe out your savings just be generous when you can and do it with a grateful heart.)
  9. Let go of worry there is more than enough to go around. (You never hear of rich people worrying about where they will get money from.)
  10. Visual having all the money you need and more. Experience the feelings of it and what you will do with it. Emotions are energy, send happy, confident energy out, and get more back.

So there you have it the reality of manifesting money, simple really if we can all change our attitude and thinking where money is concerned.

I wish for you happiness, health, and wealth. In that order because happiness is where it all begins, be happy with what you have and you allow for more of the same and better.

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