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Law of Attraction

<img src= Ernest Holmes talks about Law of Attraction in his book The Science of Mind.

"Creative Mind receives our thoughts and cannot stop creating, It must always be creating something for us. What It will make depends wholly upon what we are thinking, and what we shall attract will depend upon that on which our thoughts dwell." (from The Science of Mind, page 294, publisher Penquin Putnam, Inc.)

This is why positive self talk is so important. Law of Attraction is a powerful law. If you want to attract success in your life, start by becoming more aware of your thoughts, especially where you and your wellbeing are concerned.

<img src=

Thought Atmosphere: "Like Attracts Like"
What your creative mind brings into being is based upon the atmosphere of your thoughts, remember "like attracts like," so you are attracting that which you concentrate your thoughts on.

What is the atmosphere of your thoughts? Are you thinking of all the things you don't have or cannot do OR are you thinking of all the things you want and can do?

Keep a clear vision in mind of what you want ignore any thoughts of lack. See yourself with the things you desire and doing the activities you want to do. Create the atmosphere of your hearts desires.

It is mind over matter, you must create through the power of mind. You have the power to create a positive channel through which your thoughts can generate and create the best life has to offer. It's all there for you if you know it and see it every day in your mind's

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Thoughts are Things
Here is what Holmes says about the idea that thoughts are things:

"The thought and the thing are one in reality. What a man has and what he is, is the result of the subjective state of his thought. Keep on subjectifying thought until the balance of consciousness is on the affirmative side, and nothing can hinder it from demonstrating." (from The Science of Mind, page 304, publisher Penquin Putnam, Inc.)

Develop your awareness and train your mind to recognize and let go of negative thought and you will gradually bring the change you seek into your life. Open your mind and heart to the limitless possibilities made available to you through this Universal Law of Attraction.

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