Letting Go of Anger

Letting go of anger will bring peace into your life and a sense of well-being.

There is nothing wrong with being angry with someone or something. When you hold onto anger is when it becomes harmful to you. Anger that is held onto only attracts more anger into your life. Remember the “law of attraction,” like attracts like.

Let go of the anger with forgiveness. You can forgive yourself for losing your temper and forgive the person that brought on the angry feelings. Forgiving is the act of releasing the negative emotions around the situation. When you are able to release anger it is replaced with a sense of peace and relief. You can open your heart again and live life with compassion and understanding.

I have listed here some positive affirmations for releasing anger.


    I release anger and let the joys of life flow through me.

    I release negative emotions and open my heart in forgiveness.

    I replace my destructive emotions with peace and contentment through forgiveness.

    I respect and love myself enough to let go of anger and live in peace.

    My angry past is healed with forgiveness.

    I let go of anger and approach life with calm understanding.

    I recognize the anger in me and allow it to be then let go and move on.

    I am cool, calm, and collected in the face of difficult situations

    I release angry feelings and create my life through the power of love and understanding.

    I forgive and act with understanding and compassion.

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