Letting Go of Guilt

Letting go of guilt is important for your own well-being and sense of self.

Making mistakes in life is part of being human. Releasing the guilt associated with your mistakes is acknowledging that you have done the best you can with the knowledge you have at the time. The mistakes you make serve to make you wiser. Past mistakes have taught you lessons and what you have learned will contribute to building self esteem.

Most important in healing the feelings of guilt is to forgive yourself. You know, if you knew then what you know now, the mistake would not have happened. Don’t blame yourself for your limitations at the time, forgive yourself, and learn.

Being human is a constant learning experience, allow yourself to be who you are, release the guilt with forgiveness and take the lesson learned. Here are some positive affirmations that can help.


    I learn from my mistakes and become a better person.

    I forgive myself and release all guilt, by accepting it as a lesson learned.

    I learn through my mistakes and build a better life.

    I release my feelings of guilt and embrace my humanity.

    My mistakes only serve to build my awareness and wisdom.

    Wisdom is knowing and learning from my mistakes and letting go of the guilt.

    I love myself enough to forgive my mistakes.

    Mistakes are part of life I release the guilt and embrace the lessons learned.

    I recognize my past mistakes and let them go knowing they have made me wiser.

    I leave feelings of guilt behind and move forward with the wisdom and knowledge I have gained.

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