Letting Go of Hurt

Letting go of hurt can be difficult especially if the hurt stems from something that someone you love said or did. Letting go means you have made the decision to NOT ALLOW the actions of others to affect how you feel toward yourself.

Positive affirmations can help you overcome painful hurt feelings. The right positive words composed with the right focus are the key to healing the hurt.


    I release feelings of hurt and replace them with loving kindness for myself.

    Hurtful words and actions are in the past. I dwell only in the loving presence of this moment.

    I forgive the past and open my heart to the joys of life.

    I live in the light and love of now and let go of all past hurtful words and actions.

    I let go of my painful past feelings. Life is good and so am I.

    I recognize now I am free to let go of all hurtful past events.

    I leave painful feelings behind and move into the joy of each present moment.

    As I learn and grow I forgive and let go of the painful past.

    I am master of my world. I have let go of all past hurts and live in the now.

    I forgive and release my painful feelings and know that all is right in my world.

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