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Letting Go of Resentment

Letting go of resentment can be a challenge. A challenge I know you can successfully take on. Letting go means you have decided not to listen to negative self-talk, you have decided to see others through the eyes of compassion.

You are able to see that the person you have resentment toward is really not the issue. They have no idea that their actions have caused resentment in you. You begin to see that the resentment is not caused by something or someone outside yourself but from within. It is your perception alone that has caused your feelings of resentment.

Forgive yourself by letting go of resentful feelings and accepting things as they are. Choose to go with the flow and react from the heart.


    I let go of my resentments and enjoy life.

    I release feelings of resentment and recognize all that is good in my life.

    I am the only authority in my life and I choose to release resentment toward others and go with the flow of life.

    I recognize the rights of others and take control of my own life.

    I release thoughts of resentment and accept life as it is.

    I replace resentment with thoughtful understanding.

    My experience of resentment is in the past I move forward in light and love for myself and others.

    The more resentment I let go of the more light and love enters my life.

    Past feelings of resentment are left behind and forgiven. I am open to receive all that is good in life.

    I send and receive only loving kindness and understanding.

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