Letting Go of the Past

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Letting go of the past not only helps you live your best life now, but also paves the way for future success.

The past is gone, but every time you give thought to it you bring it back into the present moment. Now, of course, thinking happy thoughts from your past is just fine they will act to reinforce the present joys in your life and be a positive influence, but the thoughts that seem to haunt you the most are usually the unhappy ones.

Haunting from the Past
Don’t let the past haunt you or be a cloud that hangs over your everyday life. Every time you recall your past unhappiness you bring it to life again and all those old feelings come back to haunt you.

Unhappy or hurtful past events can bring heartache, depression, and destructive behavior into your life if you don’t let them go. Especially when present events trigger a reaction in you that takes you back to that unhappy time.

That is why letting go of the past is so important to your well-being. This is not an easy task and won’t happen overnight, but in time you can let the negative feelings from past events go and learn to live in the moment free from old pain and suffering.

Becoming Aware
Becoming aware of your thinking and reactions is the first step to letting go of the past, so open yourself to recognize when your thinking turns to negative past events. When you find yourself dwelling in the past or thinking of unhappy past situations your awareness of it will defuse it and will allow you to bring yourself back to the present moment.

Positive affirmations are very useful in this process; they are wonderful tools to use to replace all those old negative past memories.

Letting go of the past will free you in the present to see the joys in life and build the foundation for a happy healthy future. After all the past is gone, the present is here, and the future hasn’t arrived yet.

Here are some affirmations to help you with the process of letting go:

Affirmations for Letting Go:

    I let go of the past, live in the now and let the future unfold on its own.

    I no longer focus on the negative events in my past, but rejoice in the pleasures of the present moment.

    Past events no longer influence my life; I live fully in each moment.

    I live in the present the past is gone and no longer plays a part my life.

Here are some affirmations for letting go of hurt and emotions influenced by the past:

Letting Go of Hurt

    I let go of past hurts and open my heart to the joy of now.

    I let go of hurtful words and hear and speak of only loving kindness.

    I release the pain of rejection and live in the joy of the present moment.

    I no longer dwell on past hurtful events; I see only the light and love in my life now.

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Letting Go of Resentment

    I let go of past resentment and embrace the joy in every present moment.

    I recognize my feelings of resentment and release them.

    I let go of the resentment from past events and see life from the heart.

    I release my resentment towards others and take control of my life.

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Letting Go of Guilt

    I let go of the guilt I hold from past behavior and move on.

    I release all feelings of guilt from my past and open my heart to love.

    I do what is best for me without guilt.

    I release useless guilt and put my energy into living my life and making decisions from the heart with love.

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Letting Go of Anger

    I release the anger from my past and replace it with love in the present.

    I allow my anger to melt away leaving only calm and serenity in this moment.

    I let go of anger; I go with the flow.

    I replace the destructive emotion of anger with a calm and thoughtful frame of mind.

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