Meditation Techniques

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There are many meditation techniques. You will be surprised at how the different approaches to meditation can enhance your meditation practice. Here are a few alternative techniques.


Traditional Sitting Meditation
This technique is the most well known technique. You sit in the traditional crossed leg position and relax into it. Quiet the mind using various methods: breathing, visualization, or mantras. All the while being aware of the here and now and letting thoughts just float in and float out as they occur, without giving them time to wander.

    Standing Meditation
    Standing meditation is a very simple technique that can energize day-to-day activities and at the same time bring tranquility. You just stand with your feet firmly planted on the ground (or floor) keeping your knees slightly bent, do not lock them. Close your eyes and feel the earth’s energy through the soles of your feet. Imagine you are putting down roots and taking up energy from the earth.

    Now let your mind be free from the stresses of the day and visualize that you are rooted to the earth. You gently sway your body and while keeping your feet planted shift your weight from foot to foot. Let your fingers move to energize your arms. Just be in the experience of your body receiving energy from the earth and gently moving. Meditation techniques such as this can be done almost anywhere, anytime.

    Walking Meditation
    This technique is the easiest to incorporate into daily life. In this form of meditation the experience of walking is your focus. You become mindful of each step. You become highly aware of the environment around you, the sounds of nature, even others as they pass by. You become aware of your aliveness: your breath; your feet as they touch the ground; and the movement of your legs as they propel you forward. Compared with sitting meditation this is the easiest of all meditation techniques.

    When your body is in motion it is much easier to stay focused and aware. You will discover in this simple meditation technique a true awareness and appreciation for your body. Make your next walking experience an enlightened one.

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    Tratak (fixed gaze)
    Tratak meditation is an ancient yogic technique. A difficult and powerful technique used to open your psychic center Kundalini energy (Divine Energy)* found in the Muladhar Chakra in the base of the spine.

    For this technique to be most effective it is best that you use an object or picture that has special meaning to you.

    You must stare at the object without blinking. You become completely focused through your eyes and let go of awareness of anything else. You are aware through your eyes only. When you put all your awareness in your eyes your mind has nothing left to think about. The moment you blink, or move your eyes, the mind is energized again. This meditation technique should not be taken lightly, it touches the very powerful psychic center and can release intense Kundalini energy.*

    *Kundalini energy is the energy of our true inner being. It is the life force and consciousness of each cell in the physical body.

Give each technique a try and find what is best for you. I always stress that you should do what is comfortable for you, enjoy the process and the benefits of meditation.

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