Meditation Tools

Meditation tools help to enhance your experience and bring you into a meditative frame of mind. As you begin and learn more about meditation you will become familiar with them. Perhaps you will discover new ones that suit your personal style. I like subdued candle light and incense with calming meditative music.

Creating a Meditative Ambiance
Creating the meditative ambiance you want is easy. You can set up your own special room or even just a corner in a quiet area of your home will do. Make it clear to family members and/or roommates this is your space and time and that you are not to be disturbed.

Meditation tools vary from simple cushions for sitting to special Zen clocks with bell timers to gently send you into a meditative state and bring you back out. The most important tool is quiet and uninterrupted time.

Meditation is a personal practice that you should adapt to your own special preferences and needs, in other words whatever works for you.

Here is a list of some of the meditation tools commonly used.

Meditation cushions for a comfortable seated position on the floor. They come in a variety of shapes and colors (or just and ordinary pillow will do).

Music can be a gentle classical CD or whatever is calming to you. There are many CDs available specifically for meditation.

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Candles, set the mood with a candle lit room. You can use scented candles if you like. There are also aroma therapy candles that can be an added benefit to your meditation practice. (The candle flame can be used as a focal point in single focus open eyes meditation.)

Incense can add that extra air of spirituality. (Sandalwood is said to help center the mind and enhance meditation.)

Images, of a spiritual nature or a favorite mandala image can be used as a focal point in place of the candle flame. The image can be anything that calms your spirit and your mind.

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Meditation bells are gentle signals to note the start and end of meditation practice.

Mantra is a word or phrase repeated for the duration of your meditation to keep your mind focused. (Such as, Om, Om Shanti for Peace and Patience. These are ancient Sanskrit language you can create your own mantra in whatever language you prefer.)

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Meditation Wheel or Prayer Wheel is a revolving cylinder used by Tibetan Buddhists, which is inscribed with prayers or mantras. Each revolution of the wheel represents repetitions of that prayer.

Mala beads are beads used in mantra meditation. As your fingers move from bead to bead you repeat the mantra. This is also a good tool to help keep the mind focused and free from distraction.

Nurture Your Inner Spirit
All these meditation tools are very helpful in creating a focused, peaceful, and quiet spiritual atmosphere in which you can calm your body, mind, and spirit. You can try each one and then use what works best for you. One of these tools or a combination of them may be best.

You’ll have created an atmosphere that will help you reap the benefits of meditation and nurture your inner spirituality. You will touch that center of your being that is your true self. You will greatly improve your attitude toward everyday life, by bringing out the peace and calm that lies within you. You will see life through different eyes.

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