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Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness meditation is training the mind to remain in the present moment and in a calm harmonious state.

You train the mind to stay in a calm natural state without turmoil and although you are in a meditative state you remain aware and in the present moment. This is necessary if you want to deepen your understanding of the experience of mindfulness meditation.

<img src= Begin with the Breath
Begin with awareness of each breath in and each breath out. Keep the rhythm and awareness of each breath. Notice how the air feels going in through your nose then into your lungs and how your belly expands as the air reaches the deepest level. Then notice as it begins its way out, and up through your lungs and out your nose. Acknowledge the pause that occurs just before the air is drawn back in. Be aware of every aspect of each breath.

When Thoughts Come Up
Your mind is very strong and having been given the freedom to wander it certainly has taken advantage by jumping from one thought to the next. Have you ever experienced a train of thought and were unable to determine where it originated from? This is why you want to train the mind and teach it the benefits of calm stillness to quiet all those useless random thoughts.

When wandering starts very calmly acknowledge the thought and let it go by redirecting your focus back to the breath. This take lots of practice and patience, but as you continue a daily meditation routine you will find that the mind will go to that calm stillness sooner and will remain in it longer.

Becoming Aware
Becoming aware is the purpose of mindfulness meditation. The awareness applies to every aspect of life and living, too many of us are on autopilot. Accessing the calm stillness of your mind gives you the ability to better see your life through clear eyes. You push away all the useless clutter and get to the heart of every matter directly through the practice of mindfulness.

Think of the room you are making to allow for better decisions and just living your life in general. Approaching issues from a tranquil frame of mind brings about the changes you need in a calm rational manner. You see life through an unobstructed view free from unnecessary mind chatter.

As you experience the benefits of mindfulness meditation it will become your daily motivation to meditate.

Just 10 Minutes a Day
This is all you need to begin training your mind. Meditation doesn�t have to be done for long periods of time.

It is quality not quantity you are striving for when it comes to meditation practice. Eventually you may want to increase your meditation time, but don�t put pressure on yourself to sit for hours and just end up being uncomfortable.

Take it one day at a time and you will see the benefits of meditation mindfulness.

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