Overcoming Fear

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There is a trick to overcoming fear that trick is taking control of it. Don’t let fear rule your life! Fear is life’s challenge to overcome a challenge to learn and grow from and become a better stronger person for it.

Fear of What If . . .
The fear of “what if . . .” is wasting your precious energy on something that has not happened or most likely will never happen.

If that “what if . . .” does happen you’ll be faced with it and most likely find when all is said and done that you handled it and came out of it all that much stronger knowing you conquered that fear.

What overcoming fear all really boils down to is you don’t fear the situation as much as you fear whether or not you have the ability to deal with it.

The only way to get rid of fear is to just do it, face it, push through it, and then there is nothing left to fear. Treat it as a challenge that you intend to win and you will. You will because it’s the only way to conquer that fear. This takes self motivation and I know you have it.

When Fear is Useful
The most useful and constructive kind of fear in our lives is instinctual fear, the kind that keeps us out of harms way and aware of the possibility of trouble or physical harm. This kind of fear is healthy and necessary for survival sometimes.

You can make fear work for you rather than against you by using it as a challenge to win. There are those that don’t see fear the way most of us do they see it as just an obstacle to break through as a challenge to overcome. By seeing fear from this view point what they’ve really done is taken control and made fear work in their favor.

If you can take control of fear and see it as just an obstacle or challenge you will not see it as fear at all. You will be fearless when it comes to life challenges. You will take the challenge seriously, get through it, and build a confident and successful life.

The Other Side of Fear
Fear will always be with you especially when dealing with change or something you’ve never experienced before. Everyone has a fear of the unknown. That fear will always be with you until you actually go through the new experience or deal with the change.

Once you’ve done it you are on the other side of fear, you’ve discovered your ability to overcome the fear and do it anyway. The process of dealing with it diminishes the fear. The situation is no longer unknown or new to you you’ve confronted it and gone through it.

Overcoming fear is the best medicine for feeling better about your self. Each time you overcome the fear and do it anyway you learn something and your confidence level goes up, because despite the fear you pushed through and did it.

Accept the challenges that fear brings and know you can and will conquer every challenge that comes your way.

Affirmations to overcome fear:

    I face life challenges and succeed.

    I can overcome the fear and do it anyway.

    No matter what comes my way I can handle it.

    I use fear as a challenge to overcome and succeed.

    I always take the right action when faced with the obstacle of fear.

    Fear is my challenge to take control and succeed.

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