Benefits of Personal Mandalas

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Discover the benefits of creating personal mandalas. Create a mandala that reflects you as a unique individual and discover its self healing energy.

In creating your own mandala you have the benefits of incorporating your own personal style and philosophy. You can create a mandala that expresses your individuality relating to spirituality, health, prosperity, and more.

The mandala you see on this page is my own personal art work. I am inspired by butterflies that represent transformation and the center represents fire, the life energy within all of us.

Personal Mandalas and Spiritual Growth
In creating your mandala you can use spiritual symbols that have special meaning to you. These symbols will act as harmonizing powers that bring you back in line with your spiritual center.

As you create your mandala and arrange the symbols within the circular form you experience each spiritual symbol and its meaning. As you tune into each symbol your awareness becomes more focused on what it represents in your life. This in and of itself is a form of meditation that will enhance and benefit your spiritual growth.

Creating Self Healing Energy
By incorporating all the images and words that express healing you can create a healing mandala. This mandala can represent your own personal healing needs, whether it be emotional, physical, or even relationship healing it can be a great benefit to you.

The process of creating the mandala brings out your natural self healing energy as you open to seeing your situation in a different light. You discover your weaknesses and strengths. Meditating on the finished mandala then brings it all together for further healing and enlightenment.

Creating Personal Mandalas
Keep it simple create the center focal point first, this represents the core meaning behind your mandala and then you can build around that center. Create a foundation for the wheel within a wheel form then add in all the elements as you create your mandala around your chosen center point.

Use a technique you will enjoy, you can draw, cut and paste, paint, use words and symbols, geometric shapes, flowers, and of course wonderful colors. There are many methods and many tools.

Go to your local arts and crafts store they have lots of wonderful colorful drawing and painting materials, rulers, and compasses for creating lines and circles. They also have all kinds of paper for drawing and for creating all kinds of texture and color.

Open your awareness to the things you see in everyday life make your mandalas as unique and varied as you are. It is a wonderful way to discover yourself all over again each time you create a new mandala.

Life is waiting live it discover and express it through your mandala creations.

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