Positive Affirmations

I am a perfect Spirit of the Universe and I share in its abundance
in everyway, today and everyday.

Using positive affirmations can free your mind from old thoughts that only serve to get you more of what you don't want. Affirmations are positive statements situated in the present, which you can apply to all life situations.

Affirmations are very simple tools that can change old negative thought patterns and help you attract joy, good health, and overcoming fear to get more of what you truly want.

I will give you the formula for writing your own affirmations and how to use them. You can create affirmations for things like health, prosperity, peace of mind, new job, new home, or anything in your life you want to improve or change. They can also help in dealing with change.

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Affirmations and Spirituality
Affirmations can be spiritual in nature, to help open your connection to the Universal Spirit and keep you in touch with your inner spiritual self. They can serve as the bridge between the material world and the spiritual world, to help you live a more balanced peaceful life.

Positive affirmations put you in a frame of mind that opens you to receive what you truly desire, and will free you from old negative thought patterns that only serve to attract more of what you don't want.

Thoughts are Things
Thoughts are things, they are energy, so just imagine with all those unconscious negative thoughts you are thinking what kind of energy you are sending out into the Universe. Since like attracts like, a negative thought or word will indeed attract more negativity into your life. Affirmations composed using positive words will replace old negative thoughts and result in the Universe sending positive energy back to you. The best way to get rid of what you don't want is to think of what you do want.

Those negative thoughts can be turned around. The positive words in your affirmations can do it. That’s the power of positive thinking!

Keeping your positive affirmations in mind and reciting them on a daily basis will help, BUT letting go and trusting that the Universe will send what you want is the key.

Say or think your positive affirmations in a "matter of fact" frame of mind. Constantly fretting about it will actually keep it from materializing. I have found in my personal experience that affirmations put out in thought, without worrying about how, where, or when it will come are the ones that materialize sooner.

I'll give you a personal example:

    I wanted to purchase a home. I wanted a peaceful home surrounded by trees, in a prime location, and I wanted my privacy yet not have the feeling of being isolated. Most important I wanted it to be affordable. These thoughtful affirmations gave me a clear picture of what I wanted (that's very important).

    After looking all spring and most of the summer without luck I just said to myself, " OK relax if nothing shows promise by the end of the summer let it go and start again next spring." That moment of letting go was the key! I let that clear picture I'd created for my home go. I released it so the Universe could take over for me. Well, within a week I got a call from my realtor, a condo had just come on the market "priced to sell."

    To make a long story short, I bought the condo. I now live in a home with beautiful trees outside my windows (one that blossoms every spring), there is easy access to shopping, and everything else. I have a community of neighbors to meet with and share friendly conversation, especially in the summer by the pool.

Be clear in what you want, compose your positive affirmations as if you already have what you want and let it go with trust that it is yours. I will admit letting go is not an easy task, but when you are ready to let go you'll know it, then you are truly ready to receive. You now trust that what you want is yours and that allows it to materialize in your life. All you have to do is release it and trust that the Universal Spirit has all the details well in hand and will work to get it for you.

Let's Create!

Points to remember:

    1. always in the first person "I"
    2. always in the present; I am, I have, it is
    3. always positive DO NOT use word like; don't, can't, will have

If there is something you want prepare your positive affirmation as if you already have it. For example "I have a smooth running reliable car" is much better than saying "I want a smooth running reliable car" or "I am living in a beautiful home that is perfect for me" is much better than "I want to live in a beautiful home that is perfect for me." Remember you want to create the feeling of having not wanting.

Journaling is a good way to determine areas in your life where a good positive affirmation can help. Each day write down your thoughts about the day's events then after a week or so look back to see where negative thoughts show up.

Are these negative thoughts centered on one subject or do you find several different aspects in your life that you hold negativity toward?

Take the negative aspects apply what you've learned here and create your positive affirmations. Once you get the rhythm of this process you can create affirmations for most anything.

Make Positive Affirmations a Part of Your Everyday Life

    Meditation is good way to use affirmations. Use them as mantras to keep your mind focused. Something like "I am happy, health, and strong" is simple and lends itself well to repetition.

    Recording your affirmations is another way to go. You can then play them at convenient times like early morning while getting ready for the day, in the car driving to work, or while preparing dinner, whenever you have quiet time for yourself is the best time.

    Creating note cards with your affirmations on them is a fun way to carry them with you or post them in strategic places as gentle reminders. You can be creative and illustrate the cards with your artwork or find pictures that illustrate what you want and paste them on the note card along side your affirmation.

Most important make it fun. Be creative with how you approach the use of daily affirmations. You can change your life through the use of positive affirmations and find the power of positive words and positive thinking.

Affirmations from me to you:

To get you started here are some affirmations I've composed:

    • I am grateful, for I am a perfect Spirit of the Universe and I share in its abundance in everyway, today and everyday.

    • My job is a joy and a pleasure I excel in everything I do.

    • I always have money when I need it, therefore, I always have all the money I need and more.

    • I meet all obstacles with love and understanding.

    • I heal past hurts by replacing them with loving thoughts.

I’ve included some resources that I’ve found very helpful, at the end of this article.

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