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Positive Thoughts

Positive thoughts are the catalyst for a positive life. They are the corner stone to success! Thoughts are the fuel that feeds all physical creation. You have the power to put into motion a life of peace and harmony through your thought vibrations. Those vibrations are generating energy, both negative and positive.

<img src= Stop Right Where You Are!
Stop where you are at this moment and take notice of what’s been going through your mind in the last few minutes. Was it positive thoughts? Or were your thoughts centered on negatives like the overdue bills, bad weather, and your cranky spouse? Are you thinking of situations that happened weeks, months, even years ago?

Make it a point throughout your day to stop and listen to your thoughts and determine whether or not they are working against you or for you. There is a small step you can take toward changing those negative thought vibrations into more positive thinking.

Simply become aware of what you are thinking at any given moment. You don’t have to obsessively be in every thought, just now and then throughout your day tune in to what’s rumbling around in your mind. At that moment of tuning in, if the thoughts happen to be negative or if you are dredging up old painful memories just stop right where you are and acknowledge them. You acknowledge the thought, but do not give it any importance or feed it with further thoughts. You take away the power of negative thought by being aware and then letting it go.

Remember thought is energy and the law of attraction comes into play. Like attracts like, therefore, a negative thought just attracts more negative energy and a positive thought in turn attracts more positive energy.

Choose Your Thoughts Wisely
Do you think Donald Trump would be where he is today if he only thought self defeating thoughts? Of course not, he approaches every project and every venture thinking and knowing he will succeed.

Yes, I admit this can be easier said than done (especially if you are not Mr. Trump) and especially if your situation is not the way you would like it to be at the moment. But if you take that first small step of recognizing how you think about existing situations and things you want for your future you will gradually change your mind-set.

When you catch yourself in a defeating thought your awareness at that moment will drain it of its power. Feed your mind the powerful fuel of positive thoughts.

<img src= Turn Around Defeating Thoughts
Here are some good examples to keep in mind. As you read the negative and then the positive statements recognize how each statement makes you feel. You are looking for a better feeling thought.

-My job is so stressful, there is too much to do.

    Change it to:
      I take on the challenges of my job one task at a time and succeed.
-I don’t have the money to buy that.
    Change it to:
      I choose not to purchase that right now. (Notice how this statement puts the power back in your hands.)
-My health is not good.
    Change it to:
      When I am relaxed and centered I feel good. (This statements switches your mind-set to a feeling good place)
-I will never get what I want.
    Change it to:
      I deserve the best life has to offer.
-I am not good at anything.
    Change it to:
      My talents are here for me to find.

In the end it all boils down to choice, we all ultimately without question have the ability to choose how we think and react to life situations.

Do’s and Don’ts

    Don’t be hard on yourself.
    Do be proud of each accomplishment no matter how small.
    Don’t expect overnight success.
    Do take it one step at a time.

    Don’t dwell on negative thoughts.
    Do switch to a more positive thought if negatives arise.

    Don’t shy away from praise.
    Do give yourself credit where credit is due.

Make the Choice
Make the choice to think positive thoughts. Remember you are dealing with a life time of negative defeating thoughts; it takes time to reverse their affects. By taking that first step and becoming aware of your thought patterns and mind-sets in your everyday life you will succeed.

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