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Principles of Yoga

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The principles of yoga are the foundation for living your best life now and for making healthy changes. It can be a complete lifestyle change for you or maybe you already have incorporated most of these principles in your everyday life and just need to add one or two more.

Whatever your life situation, finding time to include these principles of yoga will benefit your, body, mind, and spirit.

Daily Motivation
The easiest way for you to find daily motivation is to keep it simple. Don�t overwhelm yourself with everything all at once. You can add each of these principles of yoga a step at a time and as time goes by you will feel the difference. It�s very important to find your comfort level for each principle then gradually move forward step by step. This will keep you on track and you will be less likely to get discouraged.

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The Five Principles of Yoga

1. Proper Relaxation: This is achieved by releasing tension in your muscles, letting go of worries, and fears. Whatever method suites you and fits into your lifestyle, it can be meditation, yoga, or massage to name a few.

2. Proper Exercise: Get physical move your body! Stretching, toning, and yoga postures, that gets your body moving and your blood circulating. You will achieve this goal through yoga and whatever form of exercise you enjoy most.

3. Proper Breathing: Too many of us forget to breathe. You need to practice full deep breaths using every part of your lungs, breathing all the way into your belly and all the way out again. Practicing this daily will soon become second nature to you. (Also see Breathing Meditation.)

4. Proper Diet: This may be the most difficult to incorporate into your everyday life. So many temptations, believe me I know. I always say �Why does everything that is so bad for you taste soooo good!� So you don�t stress over it you gradually bring more natural foods into your diet. Don�t overeat, don�t go to food for comfort when you are upset or stressed. Find an activity you like to help take your mind of the situation, yoga, meditation, and/or your favorite funny movie. Please remember, above all else, be kind to your body and it will respond by feeling better and stronger.

5. Positive Thinking and Meditation: I think this is the corner stone to all you want to achieve. Master this principle of yoga and the others will follow. Remember thoughts are things and the benefits of meditation.

As I always stress, �one step at a time,� �Rome wasn�t built in a day,� �enjoy the journey� and you will accomplish your goals for a happy, healthy, body, mind, and spirit.


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