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Prosperity Affirmations

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Prosperity affirmations can be the bridge that crosses the river of disbelief into the land of plenty.

To bring prosperity into your life you must visualize it all around you. You must let go of your thoughts of limitation and reach for the sky.

Rules to Remember
Keep these ground rules in mind when it comes to bringing prosperity into your life and using affirmations:

    1. Be willing to accept what you desire.

    2. Know that you are worthy of receiving it.

    3. Let go of guilt, there is more than enough to go around.

To sum it all up you have to desire it, know it is yours, and accept it.

There are No Limits
Prosperity affirmations are not limited to monetary things. They can be created and applied to all aspects of your life.

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    Mental prosperity is first and foremost in your quest for prosperity. It will open your mind to the infinite possibilities you can create in your life.

    Physical prosperity brings vibrant health and stamina to handle whatever comes your way.

    Emotional prosperity creates a feeling of happiness and contentment with your life and loved ones.

    Spiritual prosperity is knowing your connection with the universe and all there is.

    Financial prosperity is the result of successfully accomplishing the previous four, because they are the foundation that gives you the strength of character to attract financial success.

So as you can see prosperity affirmations can be applied to all aspects of your life.

Here are some examples of prosperity affirmations I have created:

    I am grateful, for I am a perfect Spirit of the Universe and I share in its abundance in everyway today and everyday.

    I always have money when I need it, therefore, I always have all the money I need and more.

    I realize and accept my connection to all beings and I see the Divine Spirit in everyone I encounter.

    I am one with the flowering seeds of the Universe. Within me grows a life of love and peace.

    I recognize and accept the abundance of the Universe in my life.

You can see that prosperity touches every part of your life and I hope you will continue learning and creating the best life possible for yourself. For more information on creating affirmations go to Positive Affirmations.

I also highly recommend reading any or all of Shakti Gawain´┐Żs books. She is an expert in the field of affirmations and creative visualization. See "Resources" below.

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Create Your Own Affirmations: A Creative Visualization Kit
by Shakti Gawain

Scientific Healing Affirmations: Theory and Practice of Concentration
by Paramahansa Yogananda

Creative Visualization by Shakti Gawain

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