Reflective Journaling

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Reflective journaling is a much more in depth form of journaling. This form of journal writing will encompass all aspects of your personality and will become your tool for problem analysis.

Reflective journaling is not just writing events of your day, it is the recording of your behavior and feelings around specific events.

You will be looking at the why, where, what, and how of your behavior and emotional reactions.

You'll want to know:

  1. why you reacted as you did.
  2. where that reaction came from.
  3. what specifically triggered it.
  4. how you can learn from it.

This form of self-analysis can prove very helpful in your personal growth. By getting to the core of old issues it can erase those old negative responses and put you on the positive path to self-discovery and healing.

Why, Where, What, and How
Reflective journaling can be the answer to overcoming fear and letting go of the past.

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    Finding out the why of your behavior and reactions in certain situations can help you see that it is not always the current situation that's causing the reaction, but the memory of past events that triggers the same old feelings.

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    Once you know the why you have found where the behavior has come from. A past situation that caused you to feel fearful, angry, or betrayed carries with it powerful emotions; which can stay with you and carry over into the present.

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    Now that you know the where it leads you directly to what specific situation or event triggered the negative reaction and feelings.

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    You've discovered the why, where, and what now you can take all this information and determine how it can be used as a learning experience and heal old wounds. You can now step back and look at all the aspects of the situation or event and see it for what it really is.

    Learn how your reactions and behavior can either fuel the situation and make it worse or diffuse it and help bring about a calm and productive solution.

Make it a point to answer all these questions with every journal entry and you will have at your finger tips an excellent problem analysis tool.

Journal writing is a powerful tool if done consistently. Be dedicated to your own personal growth and self-discovery and live your best life now.

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