Road to Joy

Put yourself on the road to joy and discover the lessons learned along the way.

Everyone travels a uniquely different path in life. Each road you travel on your journey through life leads you to new experiences and people. As you come upon the twists and turns of the journey be in the here and now of every moment, and recognize how wonderful it is to be able to travel on life’s highways and byways, and grow personally and spiritually in the process.

It’s an exciting road take in the scenery and be in the moment every step of the way.

Find the joy.

Do you remember when you were a child how much fun it was to learn new things? What a thrill it was when the training wheels came off your bicycle and you peddled down the road on two wheels. Maybe you got a few bumps and bruises here and there, but what a ride! You learned how to ride that bicycle through the joy of discovering the delicate balance needed to ride without the support of training wheels. Recognize the road to joy by participating in the process and being aware in every moment.

Don’t get so caught up in the end result keep your attention in the now of the experience, it will serve to make the end result that much sweeter. Life has so much to offer, it’s your tour guide, why not enjoy the ride and create your itinerary as you go. Look at the experience and see what you can learn; make the ride worth while; make it become a life changing experience. It’s your choice you’ve got the road map in your hands, so find the best route and go for it. That’s the road to joy!

Where do you go from here?

There is joy in knowing you have a choice in determining how you experience the journey. Cherish each moment and recognize its value.

All the lessons you’ve learned are what make you who you are. Never regret the past it has prepared you for today. You are following your own unique path, so find the joy in discovering who you really are. The road you travel takes you toward your true self. Rather than just enduring and coping with life, you can thrive and embrace each twist and turn knowing you are empowered by what you have experienced on your journey.

So put your traveling shoes on, there’s a whole wide world to explore. Don’t let life pass by without acknowledging its contribution to your personal growth. Being able to find the road to joy will empower you to handle all of your life experiences good and bad. The joy is in the knowing that you are participating; and creating; and not letting life pass you by.

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