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Tibetan Sand Mandala

The sand mandala is created as a representation of the universe. These Tibetan mandalas depict universal life and death that is shared by all living beings.

Buddhist monks create a mandala that contributes to the healing of all beings and inspires personal transformation and greater spiritual awareness.

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Years of Training
The monks must go through years of training in the artful technique of sand mandala painting. They must memorize many symbols and learn philosophical concepts.

The process used to create a mandala is a highly serious spiritual practice. It is a teaching that reinforces the sanctity of the universe and all its beings.

Creating the Mandala
Before beginning the creation of the mandala the monks perform an opening ceremony. Then a blueprint that will become the mandala is created using white chalk.

The colored sand is created from a soft white Himalayan stone, which is crushed. The crushed stone is then dyed with brilliant colors.

The monks work in teams as they meticulously apply the colored sand to the blueprint. They apply the sand to the blueprint using a serrated funnel called a "chakpu." By gently scraping the sand filled chakpu with another chakpu a vibration is created that allows the sand to flow out onto the surface of the mandala blueprint.

The completed mandala is amazingly beautiful and intricate in design. Buddhists believe that just gazing at a mandala will aid you on your path to enlightenment.

The ceremonial brushing away of the mandala teaches the lesson of impermanence. The sand is then deposited into a local body of water as a gesture of universal energy healing.

This form of Tibetan mandala is uniquely exquisite and spiritually healing to all that have the privilege to view it. It is also a wonderfully inspiring object for meditation.

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