The Science of Mind
Ernest Holmes

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The Science of Mind by Ernest Holmes is relatively new to me. I discovered it in 2006 but, it was first published in 1926 and is still in print today.

It was one of those things that kept turning up in my life until finally one day in the bookstore there it was, so I browsed through it. Reading the table of content really grabbed my interest, so I purchased it.

As I read The Science of Mind by Ernest Holmes it solidified my beliefs and gave me a better understanding of them as well as the universal laws that are working around us and through us.

About Ernest Holmes
Ernest Holmes was born in 1887 on a small farm in Maine. As a teenager he spent lots of time contemplating questions like "What is God? Who am I? and Why am I here?" He went to Boston where he began to seriously pursue the answers to these questions and more.

Holmes found the writings of Ralph Waldo Emerson very inspirational and went on to further study literature, art, science, philosophy, and religion. He also became absorbed in the writings of new thinking authors such as Christian D. Larson and Thomas Troward.

Moving to California he continued to study and also began to lecture, at the same time he started writing The Science of Mind.

The Science of Mind by Ernest Holmes was to become the textbook of the religious science philosophy. In this book he explains the universal mind and universal law.

Universal Law
Holmes covers subjects that are now being written about and taught by many of today's "personal growth" authors. He gives you an understanding of universal laws such as:

In Part 6 of the book you will find wonderful meditations/affirmations that cover all aspects of life's challenges. They will easily serve as daily inspiration for you.

I encourage you to pick up this book and allow its message to enlighten your life. You will also find inspiration in the many other books by Ernest Holmes. Open your mind and heart and be inspired.

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