Shakti Gawain Quotes

These Shakti Gawain quotes have been taken from her book Creative Visualization.

In her book she guides you through a consciousness journey. Shakti teaches how to raise your consciousness and create your life in peace and harmony.

The Shakti Gawain quotes I have chosen will give you an overall view of her teachings.

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    "The process of change does not occur on superficial levels, through mere 'positive thinking.' It involves exploring, discovering, and changing our deepest, most basic attitudes toward life."

    "When you have strong intention to create something -- that is, you deeply desire it, you completely believe that you can do it, and you are totally willing to have it -- it is likely to manifest in your life in one way or another."

    "Almost everything you truly need or want is here for the asking; you only need to believe that it is so, truly desire it, and be willing to accept it."

    "Unless you can create a context that the world is a good place to be and can potentially work for everyone, you will experience difficulty in creating what you want in your personal life."

    "In the same way that you can love a good friend while clearly seeing his or her faults and short comings, you can love yourself for all that you truly are."

    "Once we begin to learn to accept the goodness of the universe, we naturally want to share it as well, realizing that as we give out of our energy, we make space for more to flow into us."

    "Creative visualization can be an effective tool for healing because it goes straight to one source of the problem -- your own mental concepts and images."

More Shakti Gawain quotes from her book The Path to Transformation: How Healing Ourselves Can Change the World.

    "We are beginning to open up both individually and collectively, to the realization that it is time to create our lives and our world differently."

    "We must never underestimate the potent impact we each have on the collective consciousness, whether we are taking responsibility for it or not."

    "It is no more possible for one of us to change without changing the rest as it is for a single wave to crest in the ocean without affecting the whole."

    "Through lovingly embracing the full range of our experience -- human and divine -- we can heal the split that has existed between spirit and form, in ourselves individually and in the whole world."

    "Spiritual healing occurs as we begin to consciously reconnect with our essential being -- the wise, loving, powerful, creative entity that we are at our core."

Shakti's book The Path to Transformation: How Healing Ourselves Can Change the World will help heal and inspire you to live your best life now.

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