Spirals in Nature

Did you know you can find spirals in nature, from the spinning spiral galaxy high in the sky to earthly things such as a snail’s shell?

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Easy to Find
Spirals have been found in prehistoric art carved in stone and painted on walls. Many speculate about their meaning, perhaps they represented the sun, water, or the earth, for these early humans.

It is said that energy both physical and spiritual flows in a spiral form. If you watch the slow motion film of a rose bud unfolding or any flower for that matter you will see spirals in motion. Each flower has its own delicate swirling dance.

Take a Walking Tour
Have you ever taken a walk through the woods and come across fiddleheads? Fiddleheads are ferns in their early stages of growth. Did you know they are edible and I’ve been told quite tasty? Though I haven’t tried them yet, I’ll have to add that to my to-do-list.

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Ok, I went a little bit off subject there, back to spirals. The spiral is the symbol for the oneness of the universe. You will find spirals and circles both man made and natural from fiddleheads to labyrinths (a maze created with one way in and one way out.) that spiral round and round to the center and back.

The Hopi Native Americans use labyrinths as a representation of Mother Earth and awakening to spirit. Spiral labyrinths are also used as a spiritual tool in walking meditations

Spirals exist everywhere, even in your body from your brain to your fingertips. You only need to look at your own fingerprints to discover your own personal spirals. It always amazes me to see how everything in this universe is connected.

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Symbols in Nature
The spiral symbolizes life’s path and your journey to find your true self, your spirit within. They are reflected all around you in art and nature as the symbol of the universal plan, that you must follow your own path in life.

Take time today to notice spirals in nature and discover this beautiful connection to the universe around you and see how spirit and nature smile.

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