Spiritual Journaling

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Spiritual journaling is a powerful form of journal writing. To me it is a form of written spiritual meditation, because you are contemplating and recording your spiritual insights about your life and the events that affect it.

You are nurturing and building your own spiritual philosophy, and at the same time learning to hear the voice within; your connection to the one Divine Universal source of all being.

The definition of spirituality is this: "That which relates to or affects the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things. Spirituality touches that part of you that is not dependant on material things or physical comforts."

Spiritual journaling is a very personal and thought provoking kind of journal writing.

How Do You Begin?
Begin by gathering your favorite writing materials and a special journal for writing in, which you can either purchase or create on your own. Find a quiet peaceful place in your home or anywhere that allows you to maintain a peaceful state of mind.

To get yourself started you can begin by asking yourself questions like "What is Spirituality to me?"; "Where do I find Spirituality in my life?"; or "Where do my Spiritual views come from?" By asking questions in the beginning you begin to see in your answers how and where your spiritual views have developed, as well as how you would like to see them further progress.

Most important is to write from your heart (your spiritual center).

What To Write About
There is no limit to what you can write about. You can choose to write about anything and everything that you feel affects you in a spiritual way.

  • Always remember to include the date and time of your writing.
  • Write down your feelings.
  • Write about how you feel about people and events that have touched your life.
  • Include your favorite quotes.
  • Write about your favorite book and how it affected you.
  • Include your Favorite affirmations or prayers.
  • You can also include your favorite photos and images.
  • Make note of people or things that crossed your path in a special way.

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    Personal side note: Speaking about things that cross your path, I remember one day on my work lunch break taking a walk outside on a beautiful summer day. I was only about 2 minutes into my walk when from a distance I saw something in the sky. It was coming toward me and it came closer and dipped right in front of me then flew away. It was a beautiful Monarch Butterfly. Monarch Butterflies have always been special to me. They represent change and rebirth to me in addition to being exquisitely beautiful.

    That one brief experience lightened my heart and brought me such a joyous feeling. I returned to work in a more confident and happy frame of mind. That event has stayed with me as a reminder of the beauty in this world and that spirit is all around us.

Spiritual journaling allows you to write about and include every person, place, or thing that touches your heart. It is your pathway to deeper understanding of yourself and how you see the world. It is experiencing and learning that spirit is all around you every minute of every day.

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