Spiritual Symbols

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Spiritual symbols are found everywhere you look, in nature, art, and architecture.

You are surrounded with reminders of your true nature, your inner spiritual being. That inner spirit speaks to you without words through symbols. These spiritual symbols represent the expression of your inner being in a way that cannot be explained in words.

Symbols in Nature
In the natural world and from primitive times these symbols are common in many cultures. For example the bird represents freedom from the physical earth-bound life. Birds are also considered messengers from the higher power.

    Trees are a very prominent symbol in nature, viewed as the embodiment of life; heaven, earth, and water. The symbolic tree of life holds fruit as spiritual symbols of the rewards of spiritual growth.

    Flowers like the Rose is a universal symbol for love. In Christianity it represents the virgin mother or the blood shed by Jesus on the cross. The Lotus flower growing in mud and rising out of the water stands for the soul rising from the density of matter into the clarity of enlightenment.

    Rainbows are seen in some cultures as the spiritual bridge between heaven and earth.

Symbols in Art
Ever since prehistoric times man has used art to express life on earth and our connection to the Universal Divine Source. There is also the use of simple shapes as spiritual symbols:

<img src= The circle represents halos on the heads of angels and saints. Since a circle has no beginning and no end it represents infinity.

<img src= The square represents solidity, shelter, and safety. In Hindu symbology it stands for universal order and balance of opposites.

<img src= The triangle stands for the sacred trinity. Pointing up it represents the ascent up to heaven and pointing down the triangle stands for grace descending down from the heavens.

You can visit any museum or browse through an art history book and see many spiritual symbols. You can appreciate it in ancient Egyptian artifacts and tombs, in the art of India, China, Europe, the art of Native American Indians, and Christian art.

The next time you visit a museum view the art from a spiritual perspective and you will discover more than meets the eye. You will discover the beautiful stories within each work of art and the artist’s definition of spirituality.

Symbols in Architecture
In the dimensions of many structures especially sacred ones it was believed that the use of certain geometric guidelines would fill the structure with sacred energy.

    Tombs were in ancient times the gateway to the afterlife. They were prepared with care so the deceased would have all that was needed on the journey between the earthly world and the afterlife. Symbolism was carefully chosen to ensure a safe journey.

    Stone circles were used as astrological markers, for worship, and represented the cosmic eye or universal mother.

    Temples and churches are constructed to hold the sacred teachings and to inspire spiritual living. They tell the stories of spiritually historic events in the beautiful stained glass windows, sculptures, and paintings. These structures were designed to represent the universe as a whole.

Finding Spiritual Symbols
You can find these symbols where you least expect them as well. A door for example symbolizes the transition to a different state of being. A window is a symbol of your consciousness and how you view the world.

Find the symbols of spirituality in your world through awareness. Be aware in every moment of your life. Be aware of the places and things you encounter everyday. See the world through conscious awareness and experience the spirituality that surrounds you.

Take the step toward your own personal growth and enlightenment through your conscious awareness of the world around you.

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