Spirituality and Health

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Spirituality and health go hand in hand. Spirituality can be the foundation that contributes to your sense of well-being.

Your general health is a reflection of your outlook on life. Spirituality whether it is in the form of prayer, meditation, or your personal philosophy is your anchor in stormy seas. It is a knowing that every event in life is a learning experience.

What is spirituality?
The definition of spirituality is that which relates to or affects the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things. It is your core beliefs that come from your inner spirit, that place inside you that knows no bounds.

Relationship Between Spirituality and Health
It has become more evident that body, mind, and spirit are connected. Spirituality is the cornerstone to finding comfort, hope, and inner peace. It brings meaning to your life, this in turn contributes to your physical health.

The positive attitude and outlook you gain from your spiritual practice can determine whether you recover from illness or linger in its side affects. Who has the healthier frame of mind, the person whose spiritual core brings them to accept things as they are and moves on to do what’s necessary not dwelling on the symptoms of illness or the person that complains and is constantly dwelling on every symptom?

You guessed it spirituality is the key to a healthy frame of mind. Spirituality and health go hand in hand. This is NOT to say that if you are a spiritual person you will become free from hardship and illness. You will, however, have the ability to deal with such issues in a more beneficial way.

Creating a life based on your spiritual beliefs is the best medicine for overall mental and physical health.

Do Not Identify
Do not identify with the illness, by that I mean don’t dwell on it. Identify it as something you are currently dealing with, but don’t make it part of your persona. After all you are not the illness.

For some people illness can make them stronger, because it awakens in them an inner strength they never knew they had. They do not become known for their illness but for the strength and positive attitude they exhibit while dealing with the illness.

Your spiritual beliefs give you the best coping mechanism for whatever comes your way.

Studies have indicated that those with strong spiritual beliefs have a more positive outlook. They have found how to be happy and live a fulfilling life in spite of illness.

Quality of Life
Spirituality can bring a richness and quality to your life that is priceless. Having a positive loving outlook and the feeling that life brings many joys is your key to a fulfilling quality of life.

Carry that feeling with you into all aspects of your life good or bad in health or illness, this is where your strength comes from, deep within your spiritual center.

Finding happiness and health through spiritual or religious practice is a true blessing.

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