The ability to believe in self worth is so enlightening!

by L. Lee
(Hayward, Ca.)

I truly cleansed my soul while reading "Creative Visualization." I have always felt I've been there for others as a mother, wife, co-work, church goer, and friend, while neglecting myself.

So often in my life people refer to me as "kind-hearted-giving." I'm grateful to reach out to others, as I have learned, do unto others as you would have done unto you.

While visiting the pages of Shakti Gawain's book I marveled at her written words of self reflection and learned to love/accept self.

I gave this book to several close friends who truly enjoyed the message, applying it to their lives as I have done.

One word sums up this book "enlightening." I loved it and highly recommend it as a gift to someone you love and cherish. The book moves you to tap into emotions and explore life lessons. We all have a lot to learn. Shakti Gawain set the stage to truly look within to bring out ones personal gifts.

I thank Ms. Gawain for allowing me this gift.

Lynn Lee

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